In our memories, she’s not forgotten!

mom Today is one of those days, where things changed the lives of those in my family. This picture was taken in the Summer of 2009 at the Lane County Fair with my Mom and Grandmother. She passed away two years ago today, at the age of 82.

She was the last surviving surviving member her immediate family of 16 children. Born in Yuma, Arizona, She grew up and married and had a family of her own – two daughters.

Today, life is kind of strange without her and my Mom seeing her mother, as my Grandfather passed away twenty years earlier.

I spent the last five years up to her death caregiving for her to her final days of life. It changed me forever and I’ve been a nervous wreck every since. Not to mention the brick in the wall.

It’s amazing that she lived this long to see her grandchildren and a dream my grandfather once had before she passed away – the dream my grandfather had was for me to hear the world once again, since, I lost my hearing at age three, it was forty years later, that dream became a reality.

She was so amazed at how the Cochlear Implant technology had advanced over the years and how it made the bionic wonders of my life – at least, she was still impressed, alright! I’m sure she’d tell my grandfather, I was crazy enough to go along with the trial and error of getting myself into misery with higher technology that would’ve nearly caused me an arm and leg, not to mention my own neck!

So, today, brings on the second anniversary of her passing and the memories she left behind for all of us to remember in her 82 years of her wonderful life. It’s amazing that she lived long enough to see her grandchildren and her two great-children along the way. Not very many people get that far – but, it does make a difference in their lives, though.

It is my hope – that wherever she is now, she’s watching over us during this holiday season a far into the heavens.

Merry Christmas Grandma.


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