Santa’s packing, I’m getting low on Jolly time!

With three days to go before Christmas. The shopping frenzy is just getting underway for those who’ve neither started their search for the ultimate Christmas gift or the perfection of the ultimate gift with a perfection of the heart to the person your seeking to gift this Christmas.

You’ve kindly searched every store looking for the ultimate price, but, you keep coming back to the masses of the beginning – where you started.

Your heart to heart is creeping further into the wickeds of Christmas. But, your strengths are pure enough to know you’ll succeed in a matter of time, not a matter of days, even though it’s almost Christmas.

You got less than three to days to find it and Santa’s elves are running on overtime playing catch up with the rest of the world before Santa and the Reindeer leave the North Pole in less than 48 hours max. “No, Virginia, I’ve not spoke to the ole Jolly St. Nick himself” – he’s as busy as it is with the elves while going over the flight preparations with his senior crew chief and mission control via NATO, who’d be tracking his every step of the way through out the world as he leaves the North Pole.

How Santa does it each and every year? Know one really knows Santa does it all? The trick of the trade is to be as secretive as it can be, but, as merrier and jolly at the same time and to get the job done a quickly as possible without mishap and error.

Now, that’s got to be the Santa I know! Ole Jolly Saint Nick. With that said, I’m in need of some last minute ideas for those last few digs, I’m seeking to get on sale before the holiday gets underway – of course, I still need to get some brightly and neatly done for the better half. Ill just have to check up on the sales flyers in the morning when the newspaper hits the doorstep and the dog barks his lungs off with the neighborhood cats in tow with their chorus line of line of music with 9 lives and the doggy hounds.

Go figures, it’s more musical than the New York ladies kickin’ up the high heels up on Broadway…

Now, time to get back to work, trying to figure out what I’m going to do next with writing and the shopping – but, first, more coffee.


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