The art of a Christmas mission: Accomplished!

  When you cherish something in life – you cherish it as one of your greatest accomplishments, regardless of any weaknesses bogging you down into the path of worrisome. The ultimate goal is to conquer the weakness and enhance the goal to become a reality.

For the first time in many years, I understood my own fears and faced the reality, that became the accomplishment and an achievement at the same time. The reality was to benefit from my own doubts and realize the reaction of my accomplishment of my intended target.

The reaction to the accomplishment was very simple – to bring the enlightment of joy and happiness to the supreme (no, this is not a Taco Bell commercial or a show of support for Newt Gingrich, either!). My intended target’s facial expression gave away the clues and the hint, that, I had accomplished my mission perfectly for the first time in many years.

Seeing her eyes swell up and almost to tears was priceless. “Wow,” I’m thinking – I’m better than that damn Texan George W. Bush, who knew nothing about mission accomplishments, instead he invested in his own spiral downfall from the Presidency and the theft of the presidency of another foe running for the Oval Office against him.

When, I saw Des’ eyes swell up, I knew my idea had worked its magic. The thought of planning and preparation prepared the results into a priceless evening of joy. As, I waited at the right moment to launch my plan of attack, she blew into a beaming smile, I hadn’t seen a long time! You would have to see the results for yourself – again, it was priceless.

No, I’m not supporting the American Express Card or Visa, either! Get over it – it was royal and stunning. Now, that’s the magic of Christmas.

No, idiot ever showed me the tricks of the trade, but – the rules were so simple, you had to learn them on your own. Your best friend never told you, Paris Hilton was rich and fancy with money.

My best friend was out of town – oops! And the money was still in the bank. I wasn’t rich nor fancy, but, I was candid and simple at producing the results of a lifetime in someone’s eyes and heart.

For the first time in a long time, probably been years, something was achievable as a result of something timing and joyful. When you speak from the heart, it grabs the attention of those you care about and their perception of you gains momentum in return as an elegance of honor and respect.

  I haven’t felt the truth of one’s affection in many years, perhaps, it was something planned from a higher power and above? Only words can tell as the holidays progress and the new year unfolds into 2012. I smell an adventure in the works? Perhaps, I’m already in the leading role of the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie, “You’ve Got Mail!” as the Fox Books Tycoon – “Joe Fox,” as in “F-O-X” and Des in the Meg Ryan role of a small small bookstore owner at “The shop around the corner Bookstore, “ searching for Mr. Right through the internet and “You’ve Got Mail!”.

The powerful words of one’s heart and the affection of another literally brings out the dual affections between the two souls into one, which creates a unity of the two. How the magic of one’s words works into the life of a wonderful and loving person is the works of the ever lasting spirit of Christmas.

Perhaps, Joe Fox was right all along? Play along until the timing was right to make the reveal? Ironically, I already did that part, now what did she get me for Christmas?

Popcorn anyone? 


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