You look at yourself in the mirror each day and you see a completely different person – actually, the same person you saw yesterday and the day before, but there is only one problem? We see differently before we look at ourselves in the mirror.

What we see through our own eyes is a completely different image, than, the images we see in the mirror daily. The stories are different, the colors of one’s skin is different, than, yours and mine. The beauty is honed differently, we may be a man, women or child, when we look in the mirror.

When we shower day and night, we are naked. When we look in the mirror, we are naked – men and women see themselves naked differently, unless they are together and see themselves naked upon each other.

The reflections of life provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the life we lived and the stories behind them. From the old west to the days of Wyatt Earp to Elvis Presley, there is always something to be told behind the names and faces of life.

Wyatt Earp was frontiersman, bounty hunter and lawman in the 1800s, while Elvis Presley was an entertainer known as the King of Rock and Roll from the 1950’s to the early 1970’s – both men provided images behind their legendary lives. Both of their stories were told separately from beginning to end and became legends of their own time and place.

As a writer, we tell the story of the lives that affected us from past to present, but – the future hasn’t been written yet, as it was in the past. The past is a legacy, the future is primarily a legend to be told or discovered. How we got there, all depends on how we write history in the coming year and the years ahead.

The reflections of life can be easy or difficult, all depends on how you tend to write your own story and future.

So, ask yourself – when you look in the mirror, “how will my future be written from this day onward toward end of my own time and will?” It’s hard to say, but, the choice is actually yours to make. We writer’s only create the characters of life and the stories behind them to be read by future generations and more, including those during the course of our own lifetimes.

The reflection you saw in the mirror was that of your lifetime and our legacy.


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