Rainy day blogging becomes windy day blogging!

clock  When it comes to be a rainy day in the heart of the Willamette Valley of Oregon – the writing never stops and the blogging keeps going and the midnight oil just keeps on burning under the twilight zone.

Now? where have I heard that before? Must be from the howling winds in the Hamptons?

I, once told a fellow writer, “if you blog regularly – you will get followers and readers to your material,” I said, bluntly and point blank with a stare of seriousness. But, many fear, they don’t have the time to write?

I’m sitting here thinking? “Goodness gracious Louise! – Haven’t you heard a word, I just said, about writing regularly?” And, the laws Simon tell me? – not a saint of speculation went through their mind! I didn’t think so, either.

As a full time blogger and writer, I always find the time to write and the time to spend with family and friends, including the new better half in my life.

jeff's photos 019  Blogging on a rainy day in your spanking new flannel PJ’s you got for Christmas, an old tee shirt and new corduroy slippers, definitely, tells you something about the day’s forecast – Rain, rain and more rain, cold and howling winds battering every edge of the state and snow in the mountains! Go figures – it’s raining outside my office window right now and no wonder it’s always sunny in L.A. with the Lakers.

“Pajama blogging or writing?” – that makes some sense. Don’t get me wrong, when you have no appointments and the internet readily accessible at your fingertips or on your smartphone, blogging and writing in your PJ’s is that simple – unless, your thinking of heading off the the public library for some serious in-depth research on your next feature article. 

My good friend and Author Jim Brown (not the football player) who wrote the thriller “27/7,” writes with a rescue kitty on his lap at all hours of the day and night and he often wonders, why his computer screen keeps flickering as “Chaplin” fiddles with the power cords under his desk at times. But, the cat does worse, when he’s on the lap – during the rewrite and editing process, the fonts and characters are all messed up to begin with.

Perhaps, the silly cat is trying to tell Jim something? – Deadline is approaching sooner than you think? Ouch. Simon says, “it could be the fact, Jim is stuck in one of those Mutant Ninja Turtle Shells!

…, hmm? Got a strange life there Brownie!

At least Jim has an undiscovered medical condition called – “Catnapping’ Syndrome,” nothing dangerous as Becket and Castle, but, viral as those green Ninja Turtles, though. At least there’s no cure for the endangered Chaplan at this point and it beats getting writer’s block during the course of the ordeal of the flickering of the computer monitor!

Tips for blogging or making time for writing;

  • Set at least an hour a day or night, when you know you’ll have time to sit down and face the computer.
  • Pick a spot anywhere in the house or your apartment, that can double as your “office” and work space.
  • If you have kids? – make sure you tell them, “Mommy or Daddy” needs time to themselves to work.
  • If you have a spare room, this is a good time to make do of a “home office” – trust me, you’ll need it.
  • Make sure you put the “CLOSESD” sign out, so others can’t disturb you, while you work.
  • Set a regular scheduled time to “publish” your work to your blog – usually, the same day does some wonders.
  • Select an easy topic or article that you can write and post and your readers would enjoy.

Writing isn’t hard nor easy, but, it does take time to craft, especially when you have starting out – take the easy road and start slow, once you pick up the pace, you can blog as many posts as you want each week and still make your followers and readers, happy campers at the same time.

I usually have two “offices” to work with, the first is my home office, which doesn’t require a fancy overhead as a true professional office, just as Richard Castle, his office is in his prized penthouse, he shares with his daughter Alexis. My “other” office is the neighborhood Shari’s Restaurant, where they have wireless internet access readily available for customers to sip, surf, eat and publish their work on the fly – rather, than waiting it out until you get home to do the same routine as you would at the restaurant itself.

The routine allows me to make a flexible writing and publishing schedule for my readers and followers of my blog on WordPress.com

Remember simplicity is the key to being a writer and blogger, as you grow you’ll get followed and you’ll wonder how you just for there in the first place – just as we all wonder, how the hell did Richard Castle get away with it all in one shot in one television season!


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