When you run out of ideas

  You sit at a blank screen, you stare out the picture window and watch life go by day and night, by the time you get back to the keyboard your – mighty eighty years old and wheeling it in a tri-fold lawn chair by day and worn out wheelchair by  night, that is losing its bearings by the minute – and there’s no mechanic in town, that’ll fix the ole cherry picker once its towed to the garage of shame!

Now – you know why we writers go through the stupid grain elevator, when we run out of ideas to work with! Well, here’s my problem, I was out of ideas over eight hours or so ago, when I ran out of brain fuel to pen something for the upcoming weekend or my next blog post.

Even though the Rose Bowl between the Oregon Ducks and the Wisconsin Badgers are just around the corner – it didn’t have anything to do with college football to begin with either! Now, that’s good news, finally. “That’ll be five cents please,” says Charlie Brown’s sister Lucy sitting at her famous, “The Doctor is in booth.”

Now, that, I’ve refueled and recharged my mind into thinking what to pen next is kind of a challenging feat, while adjusting the cockpit controls of a mini netbook and a tectonic workaholic restaurant staff gone wild at my girlfriends place of work!

“Go figures, Simon!” – you’ve been a customary idiot in the middle of nowhere with a Gnome! Figure….

So, I guess, the headline says, “When you run out of ideas!” – so, tell me, if you had one idea or a slew of ideas, what would it be? Tearfully, I already know about “Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly” of “You’ve Got Mail” hitching up in New York’s Central Park with Fox’s dog Brinkley – So, nice try Charlie!

…, Next.

I guess – it’s one of those borderline days, when things are not going as you planned? But, your still staring at a blank computer screen, “shit!” – what’s the moi here, dimwit? Okay, you can plead the 5th amendment, if you like, but, I’d still insist, “I’m stuck in this hell hole”, not necessarily a fox hole in a war zone, but, a hole of sorts! If you know, what I mean? Writer-wise?

“Shut up, Jim, no, not you Patterson, the other one!”

Ok – than, you can blame the case on the cashew case of Writer’s Block! “Pfft", what in the moi is the world coming too? “Forget it, Castle, I’m stuck, plain stuck, just ask Jimmy boy Patterson, he should know?” Alright, here’s a booty, “I’m stuck, plain jane and simple, America! – happy now?”


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