New year, brings political battle

  December – that was pretty much it. December! Where did it go? How did it leave? “Oh yeah, we rang in the new year Saturday night! – damn, Simon your quick as eggnog!” Go figures folks, your telling me…

2011, may be gone, but 2012 is in full swing and its supposedly to be an interesting year ahead, as this is election year, it should be interesting, if Obama gets re-elected to the White House over Newt Gingrich. The rumor mill has been abuzz, that, the Obama camp is reportedly making a power shift change in the Vice Presidency? Does this mean Vice President Joe Biden is out of the running for VP or is he on the verge of retirement – already?

  If that is true – than, who’s the lucky candidate for the vice presidency? Again, the rumor mill has been abuzz with Hilary Clinton’s, name floating around in the air. If that’s true, Obama has a pretty good chance of beating back Newt Gingrich for the White House.

And ole Newt can go back to retirementhood and forget about ever doing politics again.

Personally, I think, an Obama/Clinton ticket is more appealing than, a Gingrich and whomever the ugly pundit picks as his running mate – seriously folks, “don’t even think about Gingrich and that whatever her name is that is also running for President,” that would certainly give the Republican Party a bad name in politics.

And Sarah Palin? Not a chance! She had her chance to make a good impression with Senator John McCain and she literally through off the acorn cracker jacks with the roving press corps as the McCain camp was trying to control her tactics as a candidate. “Oops!”

In fact, it caused such an uproar with McCain and the press corps trailing the McCain/Palin ticket in the last Presidential election. Not necessarily a bright thing to do, when your running for the highest office in the nation, while still Congress.

Politics is a dangerous game of cat and mouse and a cut throat business, that is likely to cause major rifts among both parties on either side of the isle as they seek to gain control of Congress and the Presidency.

If you run an honest to god campaign and be truthful to your supporters, you’ll likely survive any rhetoric of backlash and stabbings of your own name and your voters are likely to trust you in better ways you ever dreamed possible, not to mention – voting for you as well..

But, if you run a campaign in the style of a smear like tactic and a growing rabid bat – your ugly meat is likely to confuse voters and supporters of your campaign and they’re more likely to vote Democratic, again giving the Republican Party a bad name.

When, Al Gore was running for President against, than, George W. Bush, Bush’s campaign smeared the tarmac with corruption and bully tactics to steal a Presidential Election from his opponent, who was the clear winner of the election – instead, he lost to despair tactics of a Republican camp.

Foes will always, be foes and candidates will always be candidates – but, voting for the right one takes time and knowledge of trust to begin with. If you’ve voted Republican in the past, than, be it. If you’ve voted Democrat in the past? You’ve voted smart and wise.

The Republican camp isn’t always right, they’re down and greedy to begin with. If you think about it long and hard you’ll come to realize – “it’s all about the money, yes the money! Simple as Simon say’s, you can’t beat back the greed, but, you can have all the money you want, greedily and still win an election!”

Ask your this question? “If I support my candidate and I give him or her money to support their campaign, how will my money be used?" As you can see it’s a big question about political pundits these days and the money they get from their supporters. If we had based our own values and knowledge of how a candidate performs in the pools, that should be well enough to base you voting knowledge on your prime candidate.

I’ve never supported a campaign with money or its candidate – but, I have always seen a promising candidate rally up support and keep their campaign promises to work with. If you take a look at President Obama, the economy is showing some signs of turning around and going back to pre-existing days of the economy before 9/11 took place and the country went into multiple recessions along the way.

President George Bush wasn’t able turn the economy around, instead he sent America war – for what? No country threaten America at the time. It was a mastermind of a terrorist group that threaten America by storm – G.W.Bush did the wrong, not the right from the start.

If he had seen clearly that Osama Bin Linden was behind the attacks instead of rushing into despair and taking the military to an uncalled for war overseas, than destabilizing the Middle East – America would have survived at just going after Bin Linden instead of Saddam Hussein and others.

History was written as it was wasn’t meant to be written. Politics played the role of “catch me if you can” and we ended up with over ten years of economic reality that wasn’t meant to happen, but, it did. “Ouch!” – it does really come back to bite you badly after you leave elected office.

“Go figures.”


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