Author Jim Brown gets movie option on “24/7”

  My friend, Author, Broadcast Journalist and fellow Writer, Jim Brown of Jim Brown Books, hence the name – it’s not the former football linesman your thinking of with the same name either. This is a completely different Jim Brown, folks, “trust me, I’m sure, I know which Jim Brown, I’m looking at here – even his wife, knows which one she’s dealing with – I hope!”

I had been on a catch up email drive with Jim, in the past week and he tells me, that “24/7” has been optioned by Paramount Pictures and Michael Garrett for a feature film based on his reality thriller, “24/7,” he said. Notice of his book being optioned by a major Hollywood Studio is also posted on his website at Jim Brown Books. No release date of the movie trailer has been announced or when it will screen in the United States or who will be casted in the film as well.

Now, I wonder if they’ll cast him and I as spectators in the movie? LOL….

Brown, started writing his first novel “24/7,” while still an anchorman at Eugene’s KMTR-TV, before embarking on a whirlwind career as a thriller genre novelist. His first novel, “24/7” in several languages since its release has become a fan favorite – not to mention his second novel, “Black Valley” also was option as a movie deal as well, I’m told that project has been put on hold for unknown reasons or a studio has not yet optioned it as a feature film as of date? But, has been optioned, he says.

Jim recently, released a new novel earlier last year in 2011, titled – “BOOM!” Which is based on a psychological thriller about folks who wake up the next morning with a live timer written on their arms. As, the timer countdowns to “00:00” the living becomes a human time bomb and their lives end as the countdown clock reaches the end.

A free PDF version of his “BOOM” novel can be downloaded from his website Jim Brown Books, using the link in this blog article. I had a chance to read the PDF version of the novel last year and was well impressed with the work Jim did writing the book.

With a new book being scheduled to be published soon, Jim tells me – that, the Eugene and Springfield area will be on the list of scheduled stops during his next book tour and release. The stop in Eugene is giving Jim and his wife Katherine and myself some catching up time, as they have not been in the area since moving to California, where Katherine took a news reporting job there and Jim also got back into reporting the weekend weather, while writing during the week.

Now, that’s quite a move from the Anchor Desk to the Weather Desk! “Does that mean, I’ll get to fill in for Jim, while he’s on vacation?” Hmm, don’t think so, I still have to fight with those weather beanies here, at the big three in this town – talk about, Justin (KEZI), Seth (KVAL) and Joseph (KMTR) all fighting their way for the same share of audience figures in the local market.

Excited as it can be, Jim will be amazed at the turning points and revelation’s and transformations the city of Eugene and Springfield has gone through, since he and Katherine moved to California, not to mention the transformations, I’ve made myself since.

Jim started writing his novels, while joining a local writers group in the Eugene and Springfield area during the late 20th Century, before embarking full time as a novelist. Jim, penned “24/7” entirely from a local “McDonalds” Restaurant in Eugene on Willamette Street, while anchoring the local news at KMTR-TV, he said, some years ago in a published article about his writing career and writing novels, shortly after “24/7” was published to the mass market in paperback.

Not to mention just a McDonalds, Jim wrote both “Black Valley and 24/7” between the two Willamette Street eateries, before he published “24/7.”

Believe it or not, I’m almost following Jim’s shoes – he penned his novel from a specific table at McDonalds next to the pop machine, I’m penning my blog articles next to the waitress station at a local restaurant with wireless internet near the pop machine as well, gotta keep the cravings going on the Sierra Mist addiction, as it is to Jim’s, Diet Coke addiction…

At least we have our addictions covered and we’re certainly not twins – that would make Danny DeVito blush with his co-star Arnold in the movie “Twins” blush in rosemary. Hmm, sounds more like casserole dish to me.

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