Waiting for the snows!

  When, I sit near a window at a local wireless hotspot, this is what my visions see – a gracious log cabin in the mountains in the middle of nowhere, all self-contained with its own solar power generator to light and heat the cabin at night, there’s a fireplace nearby, there’s no running telephone or cable television cables running anywhere around the cabin, except for that of satellite dish from Direct TV.

The only contact with the outside world is via amateur radio as an 80 to 90 foot tower sits and stands tall nearby with an array of antennas for HF, VHF, UHF and every mode of operation that my amateur radio license would allow me to operate and reach the outside civilization, as I nest under the centuries of tall standing Douglas Firs and Redwoods in the far reaches of our nations national forests of the Oregon backcountry.

The only draw back – there are no roads to the cabin, as there is a running spring that brings fresh water to the cabin daily – the only way to the cabin is via four wheeler, horseback or snowmobile during the winter months and via helicopter, which ferries in much needed supplies twice a month.

There is running internet via satellite, making life easier to send and receive email and the daily chore of surfing the internet for everyday as most people do now in the city life.

All, this is just a piece of my visions, as I sit in the very same booth of my wireless hotspot in my community. The descriptions written above is a writers dream to be in the middle of nowhere, in a cabin, where life of writing novels and blogging away from a different perspective of life would greatly enhance the writers ingenuity of writing from a different dimension and shedding the life of a city slicker for the life and times of “Grizzly Adams” – well, at least that big huge black bear named “Gentle Ben” would certainly enjoy some company, I’m sure.

Needless to say – the backcountry is writers paradise, as it would be for those that were stranded on “Gilligan’s Island, “minus, the characters of the Howell’s, the Professor, Ginger, MaryAnn, the Skipper and of course clunky Gilligan himself.”

As the vision of a writer’s paradise engulfs my visionary dreams, as I look out the picture window of my booth of my favorite wireless hotspot – the visions remind me that dreaming is possible, but, making it a reality is the next biggest question to ask is to ask in the laws of Murphy and Simon.

The creation of the vision in one’s dream is the masterpiece – in reality, it’s priceless as a Writers Gem.

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