Review: Rick Dancer TV

  You may remember him has a local newsman – for twenty years he anchored the 5 and 6 p.m. newscasts on KEZI-TV’s Eyewitness News, now known as KEZI 9 News in Eugene, Oregon. He left the news business to run for state office of Secretary of State, lost the election and fought a battle with Cancer.

Longtime Eugene Newsman, Rick Dancer, who anchored the 5 and 6 P.M. newscasts at KEZI for nearly twenty years is back in the limelight, after a strong battle with Cancer and a new business venture that is gaining some steam and momentum at the same time.

Dancer created a new business model for himself and came up with “Rick Dancer Media Services,” which caters to helping people of all walks of life from businesses to non-profits get their message out via the power of today’s media platforms, such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo just to name a few.

But – Dancer’s newest venture is getting back on television – this time with a newly created television project called, “Rick Dancer TV.”

Rick Dancer TV is a news magazine style television show, that runs in a thirty minute format and is – commercial free. “Did – I say, commercial free?” “Yes, you heard me right folks,” I said, commercial free, which means, Dancer’s show gets right to the point and to the facts without interruption of todays television commercials from sponsors in between storylines.

The idea and the concept takes the news magazine format to a new level of reporting, compared to today’s television news magazines already on the air, such as “60 Minutes,” and “20/20,” As, I mentioned, Dancer’s show gets right to the point and straight to the facts, which would make “Dragnet’s, Sgt., Joe Friday,” a happy camper.

With Dancer’s style of reporting, he is more geared to telling the story, rather than skipping to the moral points of the story and skipping the wasted jargon of an overzealous reporter, such as that of Stephen Colbert – Colbert on the other hand is a different story, as he’s always into some crazy limelight idea of running for political office with a Comedy Central fanfare style political action committee. He’ll never make it unless he does one thing right – “gets really, really serious” of running for political office, than playing games with the political system and making a mockery of American politics.

I would hate to see Colbert running for Congress, as he’d be a mocking shame to the American political cause – “Ouch and moi is right!” Colbert is a menace for sure to American Politics, if you ask big bird for an answer, you’ll get a flock of seagulls flocking America’s treasured bald eagle into hiding of an American icon.

Dancer’s first show takes us out to Lane County with the county’s enforcement bureau, where he gets a taste of the illegal dumping grounds in and around Lane County, this is something most folks in Lane County don’t get to see very often. Next up in the premiere episode of “Rick Dancer TV” takes us back to the community of Creswell, Oregon, where the city is taking new steps in cleaning their storm drains to a whole new perspective in a way it benefits the community as whole.

Hence the city of Eugene could learn something from this new perspective of cleaning stormdrains!

Dancer was so intrigued by a YouTube video, that got more than eighty-thousand hits of a fire truck hook and ladder fire truck swinging from side to side. 80 thousand hits just for this little video. I would have to agree myself, as its just one amazing video to watch for under a minute of video.

Finally, he takes us back to Springfield, Oregon, to Hughes Fire Equipment, where they show viewers how they test fire hose and pumps under pressure, so fire apparatus are putting out the right amount of needed water pressure and more to achieve the maximum amount of pressure needed during a fire.

Finally, we get a small glimpse of an upcoming trip the Dancer’s took, along with their photographer to Alaska to visit their oldest and will be shown in a future episode of Rick Dancer TV.

Dancer’s product of commercial free programming in an infomercial style format seems to fit the bill and perspective of how news magazines should be product commercially for today’s television viewers.

As a former reporter, producer and anchorman, Dancer seems to have a new perspective vehicle that takes the traditional news magazines aside for a whole new perspective in news magazine reporting locally and possibly nationally, if Dancer’s project is able to gain momentum and a national perspective audience, he can achieve some greater heights and gains as a show runner and executive producer of his own programming venture with his new venture in Rick Dancer Media Services.

Rick’s show is just like I said, “up front and personal in reporting without the overzealous jargon of an overzealous reporter looking like a hungry wolf. He has a vehicle that could launch a perspective a producer and more – it’s only a matter of time on how well the new venture will with the local audience and a local flavor.

Even though, Real Estate Agent Betty Snowden did the same thing with her own show, but, its done commercially with sponsoring ads in between her shows perspective.

Rick Dancer TV is a whole new perspective, that puts the flavor in news reporting and the stories we just don’t see in today’s traditional news magazines.

If you missed the premiere episode here can be accessed here.

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