Republican politics: A fist fight to the death match

If you’ve been watching the recent Republican debates, you’ve probably noticed the playing field has swelled down to four candidates on the Republican ticket. But, that’s not all – it’s becoming a “civil war” of sorts between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Gingrich wants the official language to be English and only English, if he is elected President. Second, he wants to close all the borders of the United States and refuse entry to those who want to come into the U.S. – Political pundits think, Newt is up to something? Perhaps, he’s trying to muster agony and stupidity if he’s elected President.

“Go Figures.”

Closing the borders to America and entrance into the country is like putting America in a “prison” of its own and not letting those without proper American ID into and out of the country. Kind of reminds me of the movie – “Escape from New York” with Actor Kurt Russell.

Now the recent Florida debates has put both candidates into a “war of words” between one another over heritage and the playing field of ancestry. It makes no sense in political politics, why there should be some kind of negative attacks without a straw of positive influence between the voters and the candidates alike.

I would hate to be either candidates campaign chief and telling them to tone it down on the attacks on one another and lay the job on the line – “oh hell, what can the people of America say?” Candidates are candidates and the fools they play on the podium makes a statement to the voters in a big way.

So, your either going to vote for a nimrod in both the primary or in the general election’s – good candidacy makes good politicians in America, rather than running a world class circus as former President George W. Bush did during his two terms in office. Good thing, Bush is keeping a low profile, since he left office and has been seen side by side with former President Clinton from time to time.

If your like me? American politics can be a rabid career – anciently, being a politician is a cutthroat business, you can either win or lose, but, you can’t have both. Secondly, you can either be a truthful candidate or a lousy pop in the ass candidate that makes you lose our chance in history to become POTUS and et al.

Why can’t these idiot Republican candidates be nice to one another on the playing field, when it comes to American politics and Presidential election season? “Sigh – five cents please, the Doctor is now in session.”

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