Blogging bastard duels Outdoor writer buddy!

writers_block1  When it comes time to write your likely to settle for something a little different than you intended to write about in the first place. That’s exactly, how I feel, about writing this morning. I have no idea, where the hell this blog article is going to go or how it is going to end?

“Newton you blogging bastard!” as a fellow freelance writer friend of mine would say – as I told him, “I’m working, I’m writing and I’m blogging in the world of blogs!” Still, he insists, “I’m the blogging bastard of the holy century!” “Go figures, I said,” which wasn’t too surprising, but, it was the tally of the black matter effect – “no, I’m not black or negro either!” “Don’t even think about getting out a shoe shine brush and a can of black shoe polish and trying to pass me on as a black man!”

“Yes!” – I know Actor Gene Wilder passed as a black man in the movie, Stir Crazy with the late Richard Pryor.” I’m not about to attempt to same immigrant political satire stunt at a Newt Gingrich rally or the everlasting idiot, candidate Mitt Romney, who has now become the idiot of the week after making statements about “poor and the needy,” in a recent television interview this week.

Now, if it were Stephan Colbert, that would be an entirely different story with the shoe polish stunt!

Since, I have became the blogging bastard of the century – “It’s my duty to information you, MoJaros, you’re the crankiest outdoor writer, I’ve ever seen, who’s an idiot and a half baked bastard from the Montana Grizzlies….,” as I swear under oath and the cheery tree, that George Washington chopped down was a sworn statement for a twelve pack Taco Bell lunch of my greediness to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Those two political characters will never get my Democratic vote – point blank! Maybe pitting them together in a brutal cage match between the two political pundits is worth the money for the Democratic dollars than dueling it out on the streets of Tombstone, Arizona, where the late Wyatt Earp dueled the Clanton gang in a right to settle the score.

Romney is doing damage control and is likely to lose voter appeal over his statement and causing him to lose the Presidential election and more state primaries – which would likely cause the ole twin shooter to quit the race all at once and any political inspirations of holding political office for financial gains, rather than serving the people of the United States of America.

Politics aren’t certainly my piece of cake when it comes to the Republican candidates of this country. Whatever happened to decent and honest political campaigns that have captured the appeal of the American voters since World War II, when Harry Truman was elected President of the United States, not once, but – Twice.

As a twist of fate, blogging will keep me going until, I’m declared the king of blogs. But, on the other hand, the “MoJaros will have to keep his tendency in dealing with his buddy, who’s the blogging bastard in his book – until than, I’m still looking to be declared the winner of our little debate between him and I.”

Just what I needed – another dueling moment in the streets of Tombstone!



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