Trump invests in Romney, fires Gingrich!

greed  What can I say, Newt Gingrich was hoping for the King of Real Estate for his political empire and battle against candidate Mitt Romney, instead, the Donald looked elsewhere – he decided to endorse the competition instead of a power house!

Now, that’s Politics! “I’m sorry folks, but, I had to laugh at this one, when I heard the breaking news earlier this am on Good Morning America on ABC – “just how in the hell did Newt intend to miss a major endorsement from Donald Trump?” Guess, that’s politics, huh? Figures.

The Donald was probably right to invest in Romney, than investing the Casino empire against a financial bet that could have caused a financial meltdown in Newt Gingrich’s nuclear reactor meltdown. I can’t imagine the financial loss the Gingrich campaign could lose over Trumps endorsement of Romney, instead Trumps money is all about the greed and money lies this political politician use for political gain and financial ruin of an opponent during election season.

It is too early to say or tell, if Trump’s financial backing would help Romney in the campaign to the White House or end up being a total financial meltdown for both the Trump and Romney camps?

Time will tell if and when or perhaps, Trump, Romney and Gingrich give up their bitter feuds upon one another and rest their cases saving their hinds from more embarrassment and dropping out of the race.

If not, I’ll admit, the Republican Party is not what is used to years ago. Good thing, I went Democratic.


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