A Valentines wish from the heart!

valentines_day_14_feb  Deseray, when, I heard Valentines Day was coming upon us, I knew there was something very special about you.

In the past year, I’ve watched you grow into being a strong, loving and caring Mother to the kids and devoted to the job you do at work. But, you still managed to capture my heart on top of it all at the very same time. I’m still very proud of you, as you know for holding down the fort with the kids and juggling the rigors of full time work at the same time.

It amazes me and raises the stakes at making me, not only proud of you, but, believing in you as well. It kind of reminds me of my own Mother, working her way through the ropes to work and raise me alone through the years of my own life growing up. And, it goes to show, that the kids are just as important to you, as I was to my own mother.

I’m nearing a time in life, where, I keep forgetting at how much time there is left between now and when the time comes for me to leave the spirit of the earth to join my family and friends, that have gone to another realm of life.

You’ve not only captured my own heart, you’ve inspired me at being a strong loving and caring person, who’s life is the most precious thing in the world, including watching your grow into a wonderful young women and mother. It couldn’t have been a better time in life, where there was a shoulder to lean and cry on, when there were times, you needed one the most and there wasn’t a better time in life, where you needed someone to hold you and to make your world feel safer and protected.

It is my only hope, that my heart can stay strong and be able to share it with someone as special as you – it’s the only thing that matters in life, as I grow older into my adult life. Someone from my high school years, told me, “I never really got the chance to share it with the right person, even though, I really cared about those who were around me, but, many never realized there was something to it,” they said.

That something has probably taken more hits than misses over the years, but, when it comes to truly telling someone how you feel, it’s the only way to make them fill at home and at ease and having faith in one another at the same time.

Your that rare loving and caring soul, that keeps my heart ticking and I sure would love for you to be apart of my life – as, I would love to be apart of yours, as I said before, “it’s the only thing in the world, that’s keeping me alive and my heart strong and pure as my life goes on.”

I really hate to lose that feeling to begin with. It happened once before in the past and it nearly killed me from the beginning. That touch and feeling is so strong today, that, I’ve practically learned from it, since than.

I keep wondering from time to time, what the cupid’s arrow will do next? But, I do know – I really, really, do care about you from the heart and it’s a feeling, I really hate to lose at the same time. You’ve not only captured my heart, but, my love for you as well.

And your truly an amazing women. “People say, you never get one of those very often,” which is very true in today’s standards, than, it was in the past. I’m forever blessed that your apart of my life and I’d like to be apart of yours as well. It’s not about the flowers, chocolate’s that rings the tone of Valentines Days, it’s the love that comes from one’s heart that makes them into two – and, the love and caring feeling and thoughts, that come from one another.

I’m not only feeling blessed from heaven – but, lucky to have someone to lean on when there’s a need to lean on one’s shoulder and cry. I’ve not only seen your eyes swell before, I’ve seen the signs in your heart, that you know you know, how I really feel about you. And, we both know, I have a really big heart to begin with.

I know there wasn’t enough room on the card, I gave you earlier tonight. But, I figured – if, I posted my Valentines Note to you on my blog, it would’ve been a true meaning from my own heart, rather than one of those stupid idiot stunts, most guys do in life to get a point across to the across to someone of the opposite sex.

Happy Valentines Day, Sweetheart.