Occupy Eugene–what are they thinking?

OE-logo  Exactly what were the “topless black clad” Occupy Eugene members thinking about parading down the city streets of Eugene – “TOPLESS!”

That’s right folks – several women in black clad clothing, ski mask’s to hide their identities and bared their breasts in full broad daylight as they marched in downtown Eugene to protest whatever mission they were trying to accomplish – while marching topless in the downtown area.

But, what really surprises me the most – is that the Eugene Police Department hasn’t done much about the indecency the Occupy Eugene members has continued to promote, since parading topless in front of a Eugene City Councilman’s home and neighborhood and costing the city money in providing a security detail for the councilman and his family.

Occupy Eugene seems to have a diverse agenda with no leadership whatsoever – this actually puts their Occupy activities and the general public in the danger zone.

I’m surprised that the Eugene group has not done any violent tactics as many other Occupy groups have shown otherwise across the country – perhaps those groups could learn a great deal form the Eugene Occupy folks.

But, it’s more disturbing to see and hear that such parading in the topless and clothed in black pants, boots, arm warmers and ski masks make it all look like a piece of cake. Come to think of it folks. If someone really wanted to see parading women topless or naked, that can go to any of the strip bars in Springfield, as there are several of them there and a two that are in Eugene.

Seriously, it would provided a more safe environment than on the city streets and causing drivers to do DOUBLE TAKES, while driving and causing a major wreck on a major street! Now, try explaining that to a JUDGE of the court and getting off the hook on that one.

I literally have no respect for this movement type agenda, but, it does make a statement – and, people are starting to take notice, but are they really supporting their efforts? Now, how ugly can that be? It might work for Stephen Colbert and Fox’s Bill O’Rielly, but for the rest of America, I’ll stick with the Democratic Party and let the Republican’s screw the tamales out of O’Reilly and Colbert…..

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