Where is E.T.?

  “The colonies are out there – but, where?” That is the question people are asking about life in space. Not, exactly those on the International Space Station or “ISS,” as it is known, but, from another world, galaxy or planet is the “big question.”

Earlier last week, I read an article about “why, we haven’t heard from E.T.,” at this age and time of life on Earth?

“Is it truly possible that there is life from another planet or from another galaxy,” in what the NASA probes have yet to find, so far, in the deep reaches of space and beyond?

“I often wonder and REALLY wonder”, if the Colonies are out there looking for EARTH and the life and civilization, we currently live in today?

Such show’s has “Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5” gave us, the feeling that there are colonies out in the far reaches of space looking for a new home. But, in REALITY, we’d all like to believe, there is human life on another planted like ours and more. It is my belief, that one day the “discovery” will be discovered of a lifetime and many questions would follow with answers to be answered and harbored in the truth to the world and another world, that shares, the same ideals as we do here on earth.

It’s only a matter of time, when and if the truth ever comes into reality – as “Scully and Muddler,” once said, “The truth is out there! And, we shall find it.” We like to believe those find words of our fictional FBI Paranormal Investigators from the “X-Files.”

But, making contact with E.T., need to be succeeded first before the journey home becomes a total belief that we’ve made “contact with another world.”

I vaguely remember back in the 1970’s, NASA released a space probe with a golden record and recordings from our own planet for another world to intercept and find us in our own solar system and within the Milky Way.

It is my hope that someday – the reality of that space probe, will be found by those colonies traveling through space and our recordings from Earth will be heard by those traveling through space. “It is only a matter of time and the truth is out there!”

                                                                # # #

One thought on “Where is E.T.?”

  1. Who’s to say that we haven’t been contacted? A good series to watch is Ancient Aliens on History…it makes you ask a lot of questions? And for all we know they attempted to contact us and our governments shot them down.


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