I ain’t dead yet–what were you thinking?

clock  “Doctor, I think he’s dead? We’ve tried everything we could. He’s relapsed into a writer’s coma.”

Perhaps, I ain’t dead yet – but, comatose? How does that sound to the speculations of cliffhangers in blogland? Vastly interesting enough – but, the idea works. How marvelous, “I’m in a Writer’s Coma!”

Look, “Ma, you can settle down now and plan my funeral…!” Now, I don’t think my mother would really cook any pancakes for a day like this – would she? Hmm, Karma is getting creepy here.

Man, that would likely send my fellow writers and bloggers into a 360 degree evolution of the Nile. The Thames is a great place, but, I’m only on one side of the pound, unless, I have an unsuspecting twin elsewhere? Life does strange things, but, in reality, a writers coma. “Damnit, Martha, I said, I wasn’t dead yet – didn’t you hear me?”

My life support system is still far as you can reach for the Starship Enterprise and “Bones McCoy” is actively set to keep me alive, between the jolts of death and conspiracy.

In the past few months, have been keeping myself away from the blog, while tending to a family emergency, that, seems to be winding down and the returning to a sign of normalcy, as I write this.

If it weren’t for the power of the internet and the power of the life, words couldn’t be expressed and viewed by readers, bloggers and fellow writers around the world. The hiatus of a blog writers coma, leaves the readers clinging to the edge of their seats hoping someone or something would come to life, sooner or later – as if you were expecting a new born, in a way.

My cardio is strong, but, my will of life seems to be overwhelmed and staggering for the very same reason as my brain shelves the dynamics of my writer’s coma. even though, I try to make those perspectives into positive virtues that become one’s reality of life.

Perhaps, I’m just a little virtual worried that my prolonged diagnoses will dispense this writer’s coma into chaos? “No, your not thinking of starting a Lego war – are you nimrod?”

Clinging to life makes the reader suspenseful. It throws their lives into chaos when it comes to the taste of a PayDay candy bar – with the memories abound for life, it brings back the childhood memories of my late Grandfather, when her would bring me a carton of chocolate milk and a candy bar home from work each night after doing eight to twelve hours days in a lumber mill, as I grew into my wonder years, while living on the family farm in the late 1960’s.

This writer’s comas is bringing the memories of years and ages, that, I’ve not envisioned in many years since childhood – but, we all wish that we could once return to the mysteries of those “happy  days,” when friends and foes were just as perfect as they are in todays world. I wasn’t talking about the television show of the same name, you nimrod!

“What can I say?” The 1960’s, the 1970’s, the ‘80’s through the 1990’s – the sixties through the eighties seems to be the most memorable years of my life, probably the most funniest as they were.

Today’s generation wouldn’t understand what the 1960’s through the 1970’s, were all about. The Vietnam War was one of them. The Watergate Scandal involving President Richard Nixon was another.

I know for a fact – “I ain’t dead yet and what were you thinking?” – as I ask those vivid souls of writer’s heaven to let me live longer and more merrier, the blog can once again survive with a little tender loving care and a loving writer getting his merry ass back to work at what he does best – WRITING…


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