Talking to the crowds

 freelanceblogwriter When you have a Cochlear Implant you think you have the journey made simple and done with? It doesn’t exactly stop there to begin with – your literally a walking billboard of sorts, advertising Cochlear America’s product on your head, point blank.

A few weeks ago, I found out the hard way while working an event with a friend of mine for four days at a local home and garden show here in Eugene. You wouldn’t imagine how many folks came up to me and asked me about my Cochlear Implant during the four day event.

Several people wanted to know how the processor worked and, if I was able to hear as well? And, if I still wore my hearing aid in my left ear as well? The answers to those questions became the most common questions, I took during the four days helping my friend Cori at the home and garden show.

In fact, my “bionic ear” intrigued Cori so much, he thought, I was out of my mind to begin with! But, the people that came by the booth to inquire about my implant also became impressed with the technology as well.

One of the key ingredients to having a Cochlear Implant is being able to hear beyond the background noise while using a noise program on my processor. In fact, I did so well, I had switched back and forth from time to time experimenting with the noise program to get a feel of which program, I liked better?

I pretty much settled with the my everyday program over the noise program, however the noise program came in handy, when I needed it the most – now, that’s technology!

After five years of having a Cochlear Implant, things have changed so much, that, even the technology in the processor changed as well with the new Nucleus 5 Processor that is now available to CI patients, using the same internal implant and chipset as it’s sister processor, the Nucleus Freedom, which I currently wear.

Working the home and garden show last week with Cori gave me some insight and satisfaction, that I was able to inspire those looking for a better way to hear as the journey of their lives continue to despair in ways they’ve ever imagined when the decline line of wearing a hearing aid becomes the last resort to one’s perfection of life.

It’s amazing that even my late Grandfather, Aunt and Uncle would’ve marred in the excitement after five years of receiving my implant myself.

My grandfather would’ve bellied up and went on his fritz, while my uncle would’ve probably question of me answering the question of a lifetime – “just how in the hell did you do it?” It would probably be just that and more, but, it was simple and minded to begin with.

Having such technology to hear is the greatest gift of mankind, when it comes to advanced technology. Nothing replaces it better, than one’s own decision to share the price to pay for such a fate.

Only, I would understand the entire process after wearing hearing aids after thirty-nine years in 2007, than, five years later in 2012 at forty-four years of living with a hearing loss and near the age of forty-seven, I’m having the time of my life hearing the world as it once was, as, if, I had never lost my hearing to begin with in the first place.

“It’s a Wonderful Like,” as I come to think of it, I could thank an old dear friend, an angel of sorts for a new lease on life, at lease he or she got their wings for a job well done.

Now, as I think of it again – “why am I thinking like George Bailey?”


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