Five Guys Burgers – Rock!

five guys burgers  If your looking for a good source of burgers and fries, Five Guys Burgers and Fries at West 7th Avenue and Washington Street in downtown Eugene is the place to be for the hearty burger lover at heart and the french fry lover looking his or her next best tasting batch of french fries west of the Grand Canyon.


For many years, I’ve dined at McDonalds, since, the very first Mickey D’s opened shop on Villard Street in East Eugene near the city center entrance off Interstate Five and the University of Oregon Campus. McDonalds was the popular spot to be in the 1960’s – all while growing up as a young kid living in Northern Douglas County, Oregon. The weekly or monthly trips to Eugene for my hearing and speech appointments were a general occurrence in my family and McDonalds would be the primary food stop on the way home from my appointments.


Some Forty plus years later, there’s a new dominate player in town in the name of franchise burger joints and fries – "Five Guys Burgers and Fries."

Five Guys Burgers and Fries made its Willamette Valley debut in Springfield, Oregon, in May 2011 – later that year, in the Fall of 2011, the franchise of Mel Garges and partners opened a second franchise at West 7th and Washington Streets at the base of the on ramp to the Washington and Jefferson Street Bridge in downtown Eugene.

Quality burger joints are a far cry from the howling wolves in a canyon full of valleys west of the famed Willamette River, which is nested along the Applegate Trail. Rustics or not, national burger chains vary from city to city depending on their franchise developments, national and local exposure and fan favorites..

Five Guys Burgers and Fries and rival Sonic in Springfield both have made a splash and hit with travelers and locales alike. But, trying a new burger joint is likely to steal one’s heart as the best there is in the West. I know what your thinking – “there’s been talk of the best french fries in the west and of course around the nation as well.” I have so favorite many favorite fast food joints to choose from in this college town, that, it literally keeps my toes hopping all over the Willamette Valley and abroad in other states on the west coast serve my craving appetite during my travels.

But locally – Five Guys outbids them all.

Living in a college town such as Eugene, the burger wars and growing competition between eateries, the flavor of a well done burger to a flame broiled toaster to the hearty ranks of a tasty BBQ flamed burger from your own backyard – my genuine opinion settles with the following, “I’ve never experienced such a great tasting burger, since, the discovery of the Fuddruckers in Lake Oswego, Oregon, in the mid 1990’s.”


When you talk about fast food chains that cater to burger and fries, your talking about the sinister flavor, the stunning defeat, that has patrons coming back for more – “When, I first tried Fuddruckers in Lake Oswego, Oregon in the mid 1990’s, I thought they were the best burger joint West of the Rocky Mountains.” The scary part, “it wasn’t, until the Spring of 2011, when, Five Guys Burger and Fries stole my favorite burger joint honor from the top of the list, held by Fuddruckers, since the mid 1990’s.”

I should also say, Sonic had the flavor briefly as well. But, I hardly ever get to the other side of the I-5 corridor to Springfield to enjoy their burger meals and more – in simple factoid, Sonic reminds of the 1950’s, when drive-in burger joints such as “A&W,” that once had servers on roller skates serving customers food trays to their cars, much like Sonic does today.

Both Fuddruckers and Five Guys Burgers and Fries cook their burgers well done – making them the dual “juice kings of burgers.” But, if I really had my Vegas chips into the pool, Five Guys would’ve won the betting pot of gold. “Yes, I know, this is my own opinionated choice, Sherlock – talk to the taste buds, they’re making the decision and the choices, I’m just the clunky messenger, blogger, writer and reviewer making the insane claims that my taste buds are happily in love and the burger place is closed and doesn’t open until 10 a.m. in the morning. “Oh well, I’ll just have to crave for some warm milk to get me back to sleep” – “wait, that’s bribery, you idiot…!” I’m causally thinking here? But, my cranky bon appetite mind is on overdrive with insane taunts and rants, “Your deadly insane Newton, just write the pretzel blog review and get it over with you nimrod!”


Your probably wondering why there is more than one pallet stack of peanuts as you enter the restaurant? – all the peanuts in the shell are free and complimentary to every customer that walks through the door, as mentioned their website. I hadn’t had chance to taste their peanuts yet – as this was only my second visit to my local Five Guys franchise in downtown Eugene. The Springfield store is pretty much set up the same way as Eugene’s with the bags of peanuts stored on wooden pallets at the entrance of the doorway, which forms the incoming order line by the way – good thinking here for an innovational idea without the extra cost of building a platoon of walls for such entrance order lines.

However, I’ll make sure, “this Newton idiot, gets his foul mouth ballpark in trying out the peanut factor on his next visit!,” as the taunts in my mind continue. Geez, thanks Louise, I needed that – “You’re still an idiot @#$%! So, get back to typing and blogging instead of talking to me in the middle of the night you middle aged – @#$%….!” Hmm, that’s one cranky ole mind there that needs a tasty craving of a big five burger at this wicked hour.

All I can say is that my mind is having burger withdrawals and a detoxification episode as my blood pressure rises in wanting a midnight romp of the number one burger joint in town! – even though, I could take “a run to the border,” but, tacos really ain’t my calling card.

“Your mother never told you this would be your worst nightmare!” Guess, I learned my lesson? – “Oh well,” its just that simple – and its, a fact. “Phooey” – Spanky McFarlane would have agreed, I’m sure.


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