Does serious life begin in the middle ages?

The Story:

If you were in my shoes? – would you think, life in your middle ages was the beginning of something special or was it just a coincidence, as if, it were a fairy tale to begin with?

freelanceblogwriter  You might have waited more than forty years to be with a women you’ve known since, childhood. She was the cutest blonde girl in your class, when you first met her as a young child at an age where magical dreams and the wonders of life became a reality in their own minds.

I’m not talking about the ABC hit drama series – “Once Upon A Time.”  – I’m actually talking about a real life perspective, that has two middle aged adults, beginning a life together, that was once, just a dream and a fairy tale to begin with for both

He wasn’t exactly a rich prince with a castle – ultimately, a handsome kid who lived on the block. He saved that lucky charm for last, it wasn’t exactly a rabbits foot on a key chain – his waiting game, a shear sense of patience paid off handsomely, forty-plus years later, he brought the charm to the women he admired for many moonlit nights, since, the day, he laid his sights on the most beautiful girl in his class.

He never went to the wicked witch or asked for a casted spell for the women he dreamed of  marrying – regardless of their age factor later in life. Their middle ages proved to be the starting ground for a life,  that almost eluded them from the start. She catapulted the cat walk for years. He struggled with rejection for decades of moonless nights, while sitting alone on a log overlooking a large pasture of valleys, while perched high and mighty in the high mountains of the Willamette Valley.

Her prince charming was an elusive man, that never gave up hope – one day, he ultimately popped the question, which, in fact he did – just a few years earlier. All, while she was out of town in a neighboring state attending a convention with a friend. His proposal was simple, he sent her a text and ultimately popped the question over the air, asking her to marry him – her answer was a complete gala of speculation, but, it did enough to set the fireworks off through the clear darken sky, as, if the evil empire of Darth Vader had been defeated by the rebel forces from the Empire Strikes Back, while streaks of fireworks raced across the darken night sky.

Life has so many surprising moments, he fell in love with the love of his life – a women he had known, since childhood. He was only generous enough to wait for forty plus years for it to happen in the hollowed wrath of the earth’s surface. It was almost a fairy tale to begin with, but, it was real life that started the story solid and wickedly.

He made a promise to himself many years before, if he hadn’t married by two certain ages in life, he’d die alone never knowing his what his life would’ve been like with the women he admired and loved since, childhood – it would’ve, devastated him more than killing him to begin with.

But, he was more determined to make life worthwhile for both – she of course was determined to make life as best as possible for herself and her only daughter, in fact they were both determined to make life as best and possible for all.

It was a story that needed to be told and a journey that needed to be witnessed by the virtues of life. It was the only way to get the job done. His choice of companionship was wiseman’s luck at being a loving Prince that provided a generous heart to begin with.

It was his life, his dream – she was the one that made a lasting impact for nearly a century and their love was as pure as the crow could fly with a vision of an eagle.

The truth behind the story:

It was almost like a fairy tale, but, more than forty years ago, this story came to life as one of the most memorable stories of my life. It all started back in 1968, the year my life changed dramatically for life with a hearing disability, I never really knew where my life was headed back than, but, it had an interesting start to begin with.

When, I first started my speech and hearing tests at age three, I met a wonderful young girl, that later became not only my best friend for life as we grew up together, she also became a beautiful women and single mother later in life. Our lives continued to interconnect with one another over the years, but, as we both reach into our forties in today’s life, we look back back our “wonder years” and assessed how we we remained best friends so long in our life together. But, our love and friendship remained for many years to come, since, we first met.

We had both wondered throughout the course of our lives how the strength and the bonding became a pure magnet to begin with. It was more royal with a better of each other’s needs, than it was with those with a normal sense of hearing and understanding to begin with.

It was a good thing , that it happen when did. Ultimately, I wasn’t really expecting it to happen sooner, rather than later – which, surprisingly spared me the agony of searching for the rest of my life to spend my with someone who really cared, than with someone who really didn’t care at all. There’s an old saying, “what comes around in life, comes around later in life to haunt you.” It wasn’t actually a haunting – but, a love story to begin with, a romance that flourished over the years, until it reached the climax of our forties, decades later.

It was perfection in the making and the timing was just amazingly right to begin with. It inspired me so much, it was worth writing a short fairy tale of a modern day Romeo and Juliet.

My last name may ring some heritage bells in the name of “Newton,” but, I may never know, if it was relative enough for me to be a Prince or a King with an envisioned Castle somewhere within the nature of one’s past life? I can only imagine, what my past life would’ve been like as a King or a Prince in a time where royal families ruled different parts of the world. ABC Television’s drama series, “Once Upon A Time,” tells that very say story, but – from a different perspective, that gave it twists and fates with the modern world.

In my own mind – it feels like a modern day fairy tale of sorts? But, one’s imagination can only run rampant on how the final ending of the story ends. I dwelled for many years to find the perfect mate for life and she was right there in my very own backyard. How ironic is that to begin with….!



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