Strange beings of the good kind

freelanceblogwriter  There are a lot of things in life that you just don’t get very often? You walk into a Starbucks Coffee Shop, the music is blaring, while customers tap their heels to the beat of the music, you settle with the urge of getting on your laptop computer out to check your days e-mail and of course your everyday addiction to Facebook – dun we all!

“Amazing, America’s addicted to technology and the internet!”

An hour or two later, into your daily chore of checking your computer addictions, your sitting at your favorite seating spot in the café, your approached by a women you’ve never met, out of the blue. “You think – could this be a case of mistaken identity?” Surely enough, this isn’t a copycat of the Brad and Anglia movie turned sequel of “Mr. & Ms. Smith?” Probably not? – however Simon, it turns out to be a bust, until the person she was looking for arrives on the scene.

I ain’t too nervous about the encounter – “hell, I know that for damn sure, detective.” I can only wonder and think, what Rick Castle himself would do while sitting alone in a Starbucks Café, while hacking away at his next, “Nikki Heat or Derrick Storm novel.”

“I’m NOT casted to appear – on an episode of ABC’s Castle, you nimrod! What the hell were you thinking?” You trying to get my character killed to begin with, right? – “Holy bat cave, just what I figured,” your plot for a conspiracy, a scandal, that not only didn’t work the way it should’ve. It was only a dirty hack that backfired with a seemingly needle in swampy hay stack.

It was simplified and simple as running amok in the jungles of Vietnam. I didn’t expect to get a nice looking lady, from the town of Medford, Oregon, to think, I was someone else for a business associate that she was looking to meet up with at the café. Hell! – She was just a nice as one would be walking into a Starbucks in New York City, during a Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks encounter during a remake of “You’ve Got Mail!”

Powerful stuff Simon, I wasn’t looking to getting email from her, actually, it sort of unexpectedly jumped out of the blue and you get a cue to start a nice lively conversation as it was in the middle of a bar scene with “Maverick and Goose” at “Top Gun.”

Talk about transplants from another town! “Yeah, that’s it!” My character study is going crazy about getting hooked up with a “James Bond, Jason Bourne” women type – sheesh, tell me, “Hollywood” didn’t make it that simple to begin with right or the agency? Now, that’s scary.

Agency? “Your not talking about David and Maddie and the Blue Moon Detective Agency from “Moonlighting,” are you?”

Well, she’s cute enough to pass the audition for the part in the female leading role of a “Jason Bourne” type sister character of Jason Bourne. I know what your thinking? “Get her phone number, you idiot!” “Are you crazy?” “My girlfriend would literally kill me and  my agent on the other hand?” – “Well, is another story, the producer, well, that’s up to the idiot who came up with the idea to being with in the first place.”

I know what your thinking?  “Why doesn’t this blog writer make things easier for himself to begin with? – beats the holy kangaroos out of me, Simon.”

I’m boldly thinking? “The cloak and dagger trade of meeting someone out in the blue is tactical enough in nature? But, life happens in strange ways, especially in a café like Starbucks. Rather, its in New York City, Hollywood or Eugene, Oregon, life could be abundance of fun to begin with in meeting new and interesting people.

“I never knew why they never taught this in sex education back in high school?” Maybe that’s why, I never learned the tricks of the trade from “the Fonz or Potsie Webber or what that Richard Cunningham’s father, Mr. C?” – Well at least, Arnold made the best burgers in town!

“Out of pure coincidence, the aliens in the far reaches of the galaxy, probably didn’t want us to know about it in the first place?” Damn, Simon, you have some pretty decent answers there with a women who’s transplanted herself from Medford to Eugene. She’s likely to be a women with all sorts of an interesting  background to begin with – not to mention, she’s sexy in nature for her age. “Watch it, dude, your GF is coding your every move, while keeping tabs on your blogs!” “Shit, I forgot – damn it!, she’s watching too many Clark Gable movies…!”

Perhaps, that’s my descriptive interpretation of “dating 2012?” Craigslist on the other never worked – either! Geez, Stuart Little sure knows how to catch a beautiful peace of cheese without setting off the mouse trap, now, why couldn’t, I learn that same dazzling trick from a !@#$% mouse who lives in the corner wall of the house!


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