The essence of a Writer

typing  As a Writer and blogger there are more ways to enhance the creative writing process. One of those ideas is to take your everyday ideas and living experience and put them into the writing perspective, i.e., drawing from one’s personal experience. “Did, I just give away a tool to writing with?” – Well, perhaps I did. The above idea came from a scene in the movie “Throw Mama From The Train” with Billy Crystal and Danny Devito.

Crystal’s character “Larry” plays a washed up novelist, who’s ex-wife stole his best seller and sold the book for millions under her own name. Meanwhile, Devito’s character is “Owen,” looking to write his own best seller as writer – He haunts Crystal’s character, “Professor Tyler” about being a novelist – to make matters works and more convincing – Crystal give on the advice of drawing out from one’s personal experiences to write a story with practical experiences of life by “eliminating the move and establishing an Alibi.”

The simple tactic works, if you draw from your own personal experiences, you can create composite characters in no time without the sweat of tough creations as a writer and a blogger. No matter what you write, there’s always an experience to draw upon in creating compelling characters as writer – this was just one of those ideas, I use while on the job.