Back to work–Blogging!

typing So, I’m Finally back? I think? It’s been a long summer even though it went by fast and daring at warp speed. Today, starts a new beginning, I hope? I’ve been literally sitting on the sideline of the construction of a new Starbuck’s Café in my neighborhood – it’s decent for a writer and blogger who craves on an addiction on the joint of a “Rick Castle” tall cup of java joe and brew – come to think of it folks – what would Richard Castle say himself to begin with? Even though – this isn’t Kansas Toto.

If this isn’t Kansas, than, it surely isn’t New York to begin with – “Go figures, Simon.” Perhaps, Eugene needs a new tourist attraction to begin with? I’m often asking myself, “why isn’t Magic Mountain parked into a secure place along the Interstate Five Corridor between Cottage Gove and Eugene?” Heck, forget about what the Beavers said about the Martian galaxy of karma, its an earthling rule of the “Federation of Planets to even think of “Witch Mountain!”

Bravado, I’ve mastered my own key component – being a sarcastic idiot on a lovely Friday afternoon!


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