Fingers do the talking

OLD-TYPEWRITER  I don’t know what the hell I’m going to write with this blog post? I’ll just let it run, it’s course and see where it goes? What have I got to lose? I’m not gonna ask the “Vegas Bookies” for any handouts, just a mere piece of cool “finger lickin’” blogging, should do the trick? “Yes,” I know this isn’t Kentucky Fried Chicken, but – just, saying, those words makes my late night appetite feel good and hearty. “Sheesh, Newton, your craving for popcorn chicken!” Probably? Who knows what my brain is thinking? “Hell, I’m a writer and a blogger, what the hell you expect, Sherlock!…”

I’m not to sure how this sounds? – sounds, like a start? “Now, what the hell am I talking about?” Like, I said, “we’ll, let it run it’s course, simple as a grain of salt.” Go figures, it’s simple nature. But, be forewarned, my fingers are doing the typing and my brainwaves are telling me what to push, write and type. As for me, “I’m just a snotty, cocky blogger with a mini netbook tapping away anywhere in the world, while making getting snotty grins on peoples faces, has they read this blog or column post, as I “call it in a way.” “A what?” “You heard me smart aleck, I ain’t gonna to repeat it, so, get over it, gummy..!” “Wait a minute, wait a minute! Are you trying to be like Richard Castle? – the novelist that drives, Detective Kate Beckett crystal clear or should I say? – nutcase?” That sounds like an idea for the writing team of Castle, but, I think it’s already in the works?

So, that explains it, folks – the fingers are indeed doing all the work and I’m stuck with the fact, that Hostess is getting rid of the branding’s of “Twinkies” and their infamous – “Ding Dongs!” Even though, they’re selling, at outrages prices on ebay!!

Alright? So, let’s get this straight? “My brain and my fingers are getting into a “domestic dispute of sorts – right?” Let’s just hold that thought for just a moment, I’m starting to get confused with the dispute of things, between a brain and some pesky fingers and of course me not doing all the work. Sheesh, I, still can’t believe it! And at this time of the year and I’m still blogging like, I were baking cookies for charity, “Charity?”

Now, where the hell, did you come up with that, figurine? “Last time, I looked in the mirror, I was a guy goddammit!” “Oh? You sure about that?” “Yes, I’m sure about that!” “What the hell you expect? I’m certainly not what’s her name? Paris Hilton?” “You mean Perez Hilton? “Don’t get me started on the Hilton’s now! It’s dangerous turf shamrock! – especially, when it comes to Paris – not, London.” “Europe? My ass, Jack, your jumping a like a flash!” “Jumping jack flash? Pity, your still a goddam idiot, Newton – go figures…!

I’m thinking? Going to London isn’t a bad idea? However, getting there via “the Titanic” would pose a problem – “There’s NO TITANIC, damnit!…” Surely enough, I was expecting you to say that. So, how in the hell do you get across the Atlantic Ocean with a luxury liner that has been dormant for years as a “ghost ship” at the bottom of the ocean, sea or whatever, it’s called now? “You don’t, unless you have some cleverness of Richard Castle and Derrick Storm.” Now, that’s cynical! “You’re a goddam idiot, Newton – where the hell do you get this stuff?” “Well, I’d tell you. But, than, I’d have kill you off as a character, bud, sorry.” “Screw that asshole – your goddam fingers are doing all the friggin’ work, shit!!…” It’s interesting enough of where the story is going peacefully, but, not sarcastically or should I say insanely outrages?

Well, I think the fingers and the brain like to bitch, fight and try to rule each other over their turf wars of the Writer of this blog, we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of them, when the next “epilog” gets written by your master of blogging suspense – “I’m not the writer of Richard Castle either, that’s Andrew Marlowe’s job to being with, you idiot!” As they say, that’s a wrap.

28 days to go

Christmas-Tree-Fireplace  The carefully decorated Christmas Tree filled my Grandparent’s house with an aroma of Douglas Firs towering high and mighty as we returned from our annual Christmas tree hunt in the nearby hills of the family farm. It was a memory that cherished a chastity of memories that lasted a lifetime. But, it has been decades, since my family and extended family of relatives ever gotten together for such a family Christmas that brought us all together at the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas.

With 28 days to go, until the 12th Christmas of the 21st Century, the Christmas’s of the 20th Century lay in the heartbeat of memories only you could cherish for decades to come. I’m older, wiser, smarter and more mature now, than, I ever was back when one would ever understand the real meaning of Christmas to begin with.

Very few get that honor and the will of lifetime. I’ve had so many dreams throughout the years of my life, that, my middle ages seem to be in an immortal state of uncertainty with life. Changes in the world, make you wonder what is next and if this is actually the time “to go home?” “It’s immortal,” as I said, before. But, it’s not stopping me from enjoying the “facts of life” and the endowment of giving back to the necessity of life.

It’s an honor to witness the greatest adventures of life has an amazing gift to have and cherish during the holiday season. But, brokering the greatest deal of a lifetime, becomes the norm – “a willing encouragement to survive is the basic gift of life.” Christmas is only part of it, to begin with. “It’s life, a simple life, an easy gift to spare, not to ruin the stupid carburetor in Dad’s 1967 Chevy or to blow the engine to pieces in Grandpa’s old Skylark!”

It was that simple – Christmas. The joy of giving and the joy of having family and friends you’ve known for a lifetime. It’s only that if I had known my own biological Father, Brother and Sisters, if there were any of that on the opposite sex? But, the truth is – Family – the one you grew up knowing for life. The one’s you trusted and confided in for those “secret triple squares and handshakes that made us siblings and best friends for life.

I may have grown up a single child, but, in a heartbeat, it didn’t stop me from caring and loving an entire family, that only loved, but, stood by me throughout the years of life. Someday, just someday, those “biological calls,” of life will happen either in meeting or in the heavens? It’s only truth and honor as God said, but, we often wonder, what are the odds of life of ever seeing that very same instance of a lifetime as winning the Jackpot in the Powerball $500 Million Lotto? I ain’t the bookie or the matchmaker from heaven, I’m just the soul of a body, looking for an inspirational holiday story to write, blog and inspire others to give their thoughts of including others in their holiday plans and more.

If I had a choice, I could literally “leapfrog” it, no, not the kids game silly – think of it as a “quantum leap” type of thing or something? Something that would take you back into time, the Ghost of Christmas Past is one of them, but, more like a time machine – something out of an H.G. Wells movie or novel of the same name – but, with a modern day added to it?

At least – it’s got me thinking a bit. “Ahoy mate!”

Thanksgiving brings out the masses in Cochlear Implants

freedom processor  Thanksgiving has a lot of interesting “thanksgiving’s” in a whole lot of ways. During the Thanksgiving holiday, there was an interesting series of events that took place. While my parents and I decide to furlough the pains and liberty of baking and cooking a full course Thanksgiving meal, we decided to head out to our favorite eatery – HomeTown Buffet.

Deliciously cooked and good as if it were cooked at home, My appetite was happy toward the end. But, an interesting series of events took place, even before we left the restaurant and headed home. I encountered a sighting (not Bigfoot, UFO or Alien), but, that of a young boy, no more than three or four years old and he amazed me at his young age with bilateral Cochlear Implants. I myself wear a CI as well, but, this young boy brought smiles to both Me and my Mother’s faces as we ate our dinner.

Flashbacks of my own childhood struggling with hearing loss once again reminded me of the hardships of growing up for more than, forty-four years, thirty-nine at the time of my CI surgery in 2007. But, this little guy had story – a story, I hadn’t had forty years earlier, a Cochlear Implant. Amazingly, how technology has advanced over the years, since, I wore my first hearing aids bilaterally in both ears.

When, I decided to get up and make another round for the dinner plate, I approached his father and asked him about his hearing loss and his bilateral CI’s. I had learned he had been implanted at age six months. I had seen children implanted shortly after birth, but, not at the age of my own childhood, years earlier.

The advancement of technology has advanced so much, that Cochlear Implants are getting smaller and smaller each year as technology becomes more advanced, that one day, you won’t even see a person with a CI externally, but, internally with the possibility of a remote control to power the implant off and on and to change programs in one’s hearing capacity, has I do now with my CI alone.

But – check this out, this young boy’s entire family had a history of hearing loss, as well! – several of them wearing CI’s and hearing aids. Just before, we were to call it a night, the boy’s “grandfather” came up to me and asked my about my own Cochlear Implant and asked me all sorts of questions and more. Since, I work and volunteer as a Cochlear Awareness Support Volunteer with the Cochlear Awareness Network and Cochlear Corporation – it suddenly became a “Cochlear Awareness Network Thanksgiving,” at the end.

My friends are always telling me, the Cochlear Implant is a “girl magnet!” I’m not too sure about that one, but, it does become a “public relations magnet” of it’s own from time to time. Believe me, one of my high school buddies, still can’t believe it, either and he’s still amazed at the advancement of technology himself. Go figures, “Crash Newton” has struck again with the Vegas bookies, I tell him from time to time from Maui, Hawaii.

If it wasn’t for my hearing loss, life would’ve been a different perspective to being with – but, as life is given to me from above in the heavens, it has brought wonderful memories of life in general. I couldn’t have been happier in life, than, I was nearly forty-five years ago in the late 1960’s, when my life story took on a whole new chapter in life. Perhaps this is “Chapter Two?” – not the movie with James Caan and Marcia Mason.

But, Chapter Two itself – but, one can never know, until they get to heaven and asking the heavenly saints of life in a universe full of amazing people that has passed on for generations.

It’s interesting though, because people have a different lifestyles with different chapters to being with. It’s only a perspective, a serious perspective. I couldn’t have enjoyed it more, than, writing about it. “It’s a whole new experience still and a whole new life,” as I tell others about having a Cochlear Implant, today, tomorrow and the next few months and more. My grandfather was always right, it was his dream to see me hear again, but, he never lived to see it or did my Aunt and Uncle, but, My grandmother did, before she passed away in 2010.

Heavenly, as I keep thinking, God and the universe keeps doing amazing with life and for that matter, it’s my only cue with a story to tell, an amazing story and for that matter – “that’s a wrap folks.”

When your life flashes by!

There’s nothing in the jitter bug, that is likely to stop me from achieving a few goals or two in facts of life. But, the jitter bug alone has been haunting me, like hotcakes and maple syrup since, since, Shiloh passed away last month. I’m still suspecting a prime suspect in a way, as the holiday countdown clock continues to countdown to Christmas.

Many years ago, someone told me – “when you see your life flash across your eyes, it’s meant to mean something in life.” As, I think about it, the damn thing is starting to rat-a-tat my chains like an Army boot camp trainee on the firing range. Perhaps, it’s a message from those higher up’s in heaven, trying to tell me to slow down and enjoy the facts of life? I often thought, the facts of life was easier to deal with during in my “wonder years,” than, it is in my adult life?

I hate the compelling thought, that, the facts of life were full of strange chapters and rowdy episodes – but, it is often, the feeling we once thought of as young children was the futuristic signs of success later in life, only to find out later – it was literally something else to begin with.

The other day, as I was watching television, I had a vision of my past flash before my eyes as a child playing with friends, I had not seen in years and I had endured, more than forty years of friendship with since the second grade. But, as look back, those  were the best years of my life – where you could dream about adult life forever and the prospects after we left high school, college and started successful careers and families of our own.

As, I reach into my later years of life, I often wondered where my career as a writer, blogger would go? I had a vision of a dream for many years, as kid. When, I showed my late Aunt, the blank notebook, that was supposedly going to be my “book,” it, became an originating thought later in life, that, I would actually start writing as a reality. Strange as it looks, it became an ironic thought to begin with as a writer.

As, I come to think of it – self publishing is easier today, than, it was years ago, when you had to pay zillions to do it. Now, with e-books like the Kindle Fire and more, its easier to download a electronic version of a novel and read it for free or for few dollars more off A fellow writer friend of mine once told me, “who needs an agent, when you can self-publish your work for free, than having your agent spending a zillion months trying to sell the damn thing for moniker on the dollar richer, than, “Cunningham Hardware!” He actually made some sense, it was hardware, easy hardware – who could’ve thought of a better idea, than the iconic door of shame? “Dandy – Newton, you’re a damn fool!” Go figures, it was only the price, not the timing, but, the future of the writing process. “I wonder, what the late Howard Cunningham,” would say in time like this? “Ask the Fonz, Richie, ask the Fonz!”

I would probably have to agree – “that’s a wrap.”