When your life flashes by!

There’s nothing in the jitter bug, that is likely to stop me from achieving a few goals or two in facts of life. But, the jitter bug alone has been haunting me, like hotcakes and maple syrup since, since, Shiloh passed away last month. I’m still suspecting a prime suspect in a way, as the holiday countdown clock continues to countdown to Christmas.

Many years ago, someone told me – “when you see your life flash across your eyes, it’s meant to mean something in life.” As, I think about it, the damn thing is starting to rat-a-tat my chains like an Army boot camp trainee on the firing range. Perhaps, it’s a message from those higher up’s in heaven, trying to tell me to slow down and enjoy the facts of life? I often thought, the facts of life was easier to deal with during in my “wonder years,” than, it is in my adult life?

I hate the compelling thought, that, the facts of life were full of strange chapters and rowdy episodes – but, it is often, the feeling we once thought of as young children was the futuristic signs of success later in life, only to find out later – it was literally something else to begin with.

The other day, as I was watching television, I had a vision of my past flash before my eyes as a child playing with friends, I had not seen in years and I had endured, more than forty years of friendship with since the second grade. But, as look back, those  were the best years of my life – where you could dream about adult life forever and the prospects after we left high school, college and started successful careers and families of our own.

As, I reach into my later years of life, I often wondered where my career as a writer, blogger would go? I had a vision of a dream for many years, as kid. When, I showed my late Aunt, the blank notebook, that was supposedly going to be my “book,” it, became an originating thought later in life, that, I would actually start writing as a reality. Strange as it looks, it became an ironic thought to begin with as a writer.

As, I come to think of it – self publishing is easier today, than, it was years ago, when you had to pay zillions to do it. Now, with e-books like the Kindle Fire and more, its easier to download a electronic version of a novel and read it for free or for few dollars more off Amazon.com. A fellow writer friend of mine once told me, “who needs an agent, when you can self-publish your work for free, than having your agent spending a zillion months trying to sell the damn thing for moniker on the dollar richer, than, “Cunningham Hardware!” He actually made some sense, it was hardware, easy hardware – who could’ve thought of a better idea, than the iconic door of shame? “Dandy – Newton, you’re a damn fool!” Go figures, it was only the price, not the timing, but, the future of the writing process. “I wonder, what the late Howard Cunningham,” would say in time like this? “Ask the Fonz, Richie, ask the Fonz!”

I would probably have to agree – “that’s a wrap.”


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