28 days to go

Christmas-Tree-Fireplace  The carefully decorated Christmas Tree filled my Grandparent’s house with an aroma of Douglas Firs towering high and mighty as we returned from our annual Christmas tree hunt in the nearby hills of the family farm. It was a memory that cherished a chastity of memories that lasted a lifetime. But, it has been decades, since my family and extended family of relatives ever gotten together for such a family Christmas that brought us all together at the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas.

With 28 days to go, until the 12th Christmas of the 21st Century, the Christmas’s of the 20th Century lay in the heartbeat of memories only you could cherish for decades to come. I’m older, wiser, smarter and more mature now, than, I ever was back when one would ever understand the real meaning of Christmas to begin with.

Very few get that honor and the will of lifetime. I’ve had so many dreams throughout the years of my life, that, my middle ages seem to be in an immortal state of uncertainty with life. Changes in the world, make you wonder what is next and if this is actually the time “to go home?” “It’s immortal,” as I said, before. But, it’s not stopping me from enjoying the “facts of life” and the endowment of giving back to the necessity of life.

It’s an honor to witness the greatest adventures of life has an amazing gift to have and cherish during the holiday season. But, brokering the greatest deal of a lifetime, becomes the norm – “a willing encouragement to survive is the basic gift of life.” Christmas is only part of it, to begin with. “It’s life, a simple life, an easy gift to spare, not to ruin the stupid carburetor in Dad’s 1967 Chevy or to blow the engine to pieces in Grandpa’s old Skylark!”

It was that simple – Christmas. The joy of giving and the joy of having family and friends you’ve known for a lifetime. It’s only that if I had known my own biological Father, Brother and Sisters, if there were any of that on the opposite sex? But, the truth is – Family – the one you grew up knowing for life. The one’s you trusted and confided in for those “secret triple squares and handshakes that made us siblings and best friends for life.

I may have grown up a single child, but, in a heartbeat, it didn’t stop me from caring and loving an entire family, that only loved, but, stood by me throughout the years of life. Someday, just someday, those “biological calls,” of life will happen either in meeting or in the heavens? It’s only truth and honor as God said, but, we often wonder, what are the odds of life of ever seeing that very same instance of a lifetime as winning the Jackpot in the Powerball $500 Million Lotto? I ain’t the bookie or the matchmaker from heaven, I’m just the soul of a body, looking for an inspirational holiday story to write, blog and inspire others to give their thoughts of including others in their holiday plans and more.

If I had a choice, I could literally “leapfrog” it, no, not the kids game silly – think of it as a “quantum leap” type of thing or something? Something that would take you back into time, the Ghost of Christmas Past is one of them, but, more like a time machine – something out of an H.G. Wells movie or novel of the same name – but, with a modern day added to it?

At least – it’s got me thinking a bit. “Ahoy mate!”


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