Fingers do the talking

OLD-TYPEWRITER  I don’t know what the hell I’m going to write with this blog post? I’ll just let it run, it’s course and see where it goes? What have I got to lose? I’m not gonna ask the “Vegas Bookies” for any handouts, just a mere piece of cool “finger lickin’” blogging, should do the trick? “Yes,” I know this isn’t Kentucky Fried Chicken, but – just, saying, those words makes my late night appetite feel good and hearty. “Sheesh, Newton, your craving for popcorn chicken!” Probably? Who knows what my brain is thinking? “Hell, I’m a writer and a blogger, what the hell you expect, Sherlock!…”

I’m not to sure how this sounds? – sounds, like a start? “Now, what the hell am I talking about?” Like, I said, “we’ll, let it run it’s course, simple as a grain of salt.” Go figures, it’s simple nature. But, be forewarned, my fingers are doing the typing and my brainwaves are telling me what to push, write and type. As for me, “I’m just a snotty, cocky blogger with a mini netbook tapping away anywhere in the world, while making getting snotty grins on peoples faces, has they read this blog or column post, as I “call it in a way.” “A what?” “You heard me smart aleck, I ain’t gonna to repeat it, so, get over it, gummy..!” “Wait a minute, wait a minute! Are you trying to be like Richard Castle? – the novelist that drives, Detective Kate Beckett crystal clear or should I say? – nutcase?” That sounds like an idea for the writing team of Castle, but, I think it’s already in the works?

So, that explains it, folks – the fingers are indeed doing all the work and I’m stuck with the fact, that Hostess is getting rid of the branding’s of “Twinkies” and their infamous – “Ding Dongs!” Even though, they’re selling, at outrages prices on ebay!!

Alright? So, let’s get this straight? “My brain and my fingers are getting into a “domestic dispute of sorts – right?” Let’s just hold that thought for just a moment, I’m starting to get confused with the dispute of things, between a brain and some pesky fingers and of course me not doing all the work. Sheesh, I, still can’t believe it! And at this time of the year and I’m still blogging like, I were baking cookies for charity, “Charity?”

Now, where the hell, did you come up with that, figurine? “Last time, I looked in the mirror, I was a guy goddammit!” “Oh? You sure about that?” “Yes, I’m sure about that!” “What the hell you expect? I’m certainly not what’s her name? Paris Hilton?” “You mean Perez Hilton? “Don’t get me started on the Hilton’s now! It’s dangerous turf shamrock! – especially, when it comes to Paris – not, London.” “Europe? My ass, Jack, your jumping a like a flash!” “Jumping jack flash? Pity, your still a goddam idiot, Newton – go figures…!

I’m thinking? Going to London isn’t a bad idea? However, getting there via “the Titanic” would pose a problem – “There’s NO TITANIC, damnit!…” Surely enough, I was expecting you to say that. So, how in the hell do you get across the Atlantic Ocean with a luxury liner that has been dormant for years as a “ghost ship” at the bottom of the ocean, sea or whatever, it’s called now? “You don’t, unless you have some cleverness of Richard Castle and Derrick Storm.” Now, that’s cynical! “You’re a goddam idiot, Newton – where the hell do you get this stuff?” “Well, I’d tell you. But, than, I’d have kill you off as a character, bud, sorry.” “Screw that asshole – your goddam fingers are doing all the friggin’ work, shit!!…” It’s interesting enough of where the story is going peacefully, but, not sarcastically or should I say insanely outrages?

Well, I think the fingers and the brain like to bitch, fight and try to rule each other over their turf wars of the Writer of this blog, we’ll have to wait and see what becomes of them, when the next “epilog” gets written by your master of blogging suspense – “I’m not the writer of Richard Castle either, that’s Andrew Marlowe’s job to being with, you idiot!” As they say, that’s a wrap.


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