Make a Christmas difference!

For generations, Christmas magic has been abound in the minds of those who truly believe in the magic of Christmas and the holiday spirit of Santa Claus. The magic of Christmas bring the hearts of the mighty and those who are willing to believe the magic of Christmas isn’t just about the birth of Jesus, but, the celebration of his life and accomplishments he left behind on earth, before rising to heaven.

The holidays bring, family and friends together to celebrate the centerpiece of Christmas – fabled or not, the true meaning rests on with those who truly believe in the magic of Christmas and the legacy, that has lasted for generations. Christmas is the celebration of Christ as some say, but, also the mass of his legacy as well.

The two bring the meaning of Christmas in the hearts of those who’ve experienced despair and life changes – but, for some, they’ve lost touch with the true spirits of life. Many of them have been living or walking the streets for years and have lost the joy of spending Christmas with family and friends they left behind.

I met a homeless man not to long ago, who’s been living on the streets for more than four years and left behind his family for reason’s known to him. One night, I was sitting at a restaurant not far from my house in the wee hours of the morning, watching his stagger into the restaurant asking for something warm to eat and drink. People had shown disregard toward him has he was stone cold in hungry and drunk. A few minutes later, he stepped outside and sat on the cold brick wall of the flower planter and decided to walk toward the parking lot, only to fall and hit himself in the head in the parking lot.

I was surprised see that no one had seen him fall. There’s a stark reminder that millions of people have been living the streets for so many days, months and years without seeing their family and friends, ultimately disappearing from their social circles of life.

Michael was his name, he was alone and the act of kindness of a stranger who decided to help him needlessly in the time of need, became his lifeline. That act of kindness become my duty, my intentions were to make sure he was safe and sound from his fall, but, his medical condition was uncertain, has he was alert and staggering and talkative as he possibly could.

It pegs me to see that Cities and Counties struggle to look and handle homeless populations differently, than, most cities who look to positive results to return them to society and getting their lives turned around being on the brings of failure and despair.

When it comes to the holidays, the struggles of life become a hardship, a scary alien of times to be exact – but, for those who feel the power of change, can feel the power of being part of society once again. The life of living on the streets and the idea of being homeless is a scare trot down the block – but, for some, they never return home in time for Christmas.

It’s only a penny of thought that the good can be done, while a right and a deed can go a long way in helping those in need with the magic of Christmas. Very few folks ever see the light of being kind, instead, they see the light of the darkness of those who tend to be greedy and mistuned to misfortune to those looking for change and a better life, than living on the streets.

Catapult, them all together and you bring the magic in their belief that there is someone out there that needs the kindness of an Angel. An angel that can spread its wings and show them that world isn’t about being in despair, but, being the life and goals, they’ve once dreamed of can be refocused to a memory of the past to a longing success.

This holiday season, give someone the gift of Christmas and the magic and faith in the spirit of love and kindness. Change a face or two and open up to the power of generosity and make a appalling difference in someone’s life this holiday season. I’m betting – your thinking “why not” and make a life worth changing and family feel welcomed to the spirit of Christmas.

After all – “it’s the magic of Christmas and the act of kindness, that’s changes a person’s life, more than you could ever imagine.”

This blog article is Copyrighted by Jeff Newton@2012


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