The cost of owning a weapon

When it comes to owning a weapon, any weapon, a pistol, such as a revolver, an automatic or semi-automatic weapon handgun or rifle, the careful care and security of those weapons should be taken into account, while pursuing ownership of a firearm – ANY FIREARM. Not, just those that are revolvers, automatics and semi-automatics, it’s any firearm that is capable to cause bodily harm and death. Period. No matter the make and model, if it shoots, it’s a gun point blank.

Today’s current gun laws don’t protect the innocent victims killed each year, because because gun owners refuse to secure their weapons and laws pertaining to criminals using firearms in the commission of their crimes are often stolen and retraced to a gun owner who’s reported a stolen gun – chances are a person is killed with the stolen gun of a law abiding citizen who failed to secure his or her own weapon, where it is not accessible or left out in plain site. 

The rules are simple in the action of Common Sense, not stupidity. The Constitution of the United States in the Second Amendment, says, ‘we have the right to bear arms.” A right that the Supreme Court has reaffirmed from time and time again. The Right to own and bear arms is a basic right, not a felony – but, in the eyes of Criminals and those with mental illness, the right should be reversed in the action of safety, they should never be allowed to see the face of a weapon if their convicted or mentally unstable.

Criminals are bonded by law of owning a firearm, if convicted of a crime, particularly – if the crime is a felony, such as armed robbery and other misdemeanor crimes. But, the law does not govern, those with a mental instability. But, the rules of safety and out of reach still applies by law of common sense, they say.

The past week, the National Rifle Association (NRA) suggested that there should be “Armed Security guards’ in every school in America. Many Police Departments around the country already have fledging “School Resource Officer Programs” in the works to fuel the safety of students and faculty – these police officers are already armed and adequately serving the purpose of Police Departments having armed officers in the nations public schools.

The Eugene Police Department has Police Officers serving in the area’s four major high schools and the officers beat also includes schools below the high school level as well.

If gun violence is to be stopped, state and federal laws needs to be changed to make it simple as possible, not a hardship for the gun owner to begin with. The thought of changing the law should be simple and in plain language rather than being debatable and confusing – Common Sense is the first perfection of the solution. The second idea is to require that new gun owners be at least 21 years old before they could be their first weapon, if they are under the ages of 18 they must require a standard safety class before having access to a firearm in the presence of an adult parent.

Third, the gun owner is required to have a secured gun safe in his or her home and bolted to the floor of their home to secure the movement of readily accessible firearms by children and parents are the only one’s by law to know the combination to the gun safe alone, unless the child is over the age of twenty-one.

Purely a simple piece of common sense goes a long way in preserving the rights to bear arms under the United States Constitution to the right to have and bear arms. It’s that simple as a grain of salt and not merely a complication as the law should simple and simple to be interpreted to be understood, by gun owners and law enforcement officers in state, local and federal law enforcement agencies alone.

But, the toughest part of the deal is matching the crime with the jailbird time and sentences of those with violent criminal histories and more, especially those with mental illness.

I’m not particularly against the ban on assault weapons, but, I’m all for changing the laws and the ways gun owners own their weapons and the security of those firearms, especially, if they have young children under the ages of 18 and 21 years of age. They need to take special care around family members that have a mental illness as well – the security of their weapons should be taken into serious consideration and et al.

The shooting of twenty-plus people in Newtown and the sole survivor in the Oregon’s Clackamas Mall Shooting, changed a lot of peoples minds about assault weapons and more, but, the security of those weapons were compromised and the lives of those innocently killed were taken at the hands of those who had access to an unsecured weapon. If simple protocol and procedure had been followed, the lives of these small children and adults in Newtown, would’ve lived to see their next Christmas, as those who lost their own lives in Oregon as well.

The debate of such weapons and the security of those weapons by current and future gun owners will be a debatable cause for years to come until a readily solution is found.

God has some new angels in heaven and the lives of those they left behind have been forever shattered because of one man and the accessible notation of his intentions to kill those who were innocent and had nothing to do with his mental illness.

This blog article is Copyrighted @ 2012 Jeff newton


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