The ditto of 2012

typing As 2012, comes to a close. I am left wondering of what will become of 2013? I’m hoping that America will do better and she will regain her strength and compassion and set forth, she gets this great nation back on track.

Despair and honesty is still abound in the wilds and greasy stretches of life. New opportunities are a distant possibility for everyone around the world, including that of my own as we ring in the new year of 2013.

Good or bad, there’s always the possibility of the great harmony as the joys of life brings to the empathy of the world of writing and blogging, which will be a challenging factor and a struggle as competition and new talent is discovered through the minds of Social Media and blogging sites throughout the vast regions of the internet in the new year.

It’s an impact, soul and feeling with inspiration that sets forth the sunrises and sunsets into written words within the distant galaxies of the universe. Nothing creates more inspiration, than, one’s thought to grab a laptop, netbook or desktop computer and hack away at the keys to make those magical words come alive for the reader and audience to read on a daily, weekly or bi-weekly or even a monthly basis.

“You’re a writer, god-damnit,” as they say – period, it’s nothing personal. “It’s in your genes, Jaros and you know it!” I’m thinking fellow writer and best friend, Garrett Jaros has a vast tropical pool in his backyard (literally!) that would make a never ending story for “Lost,” “Magnum, P.I.,” and the cast of “Hawaii Five-O,” shit, the late Jack Lord, would’ve been a happy camper with his alma mater at the Five-O HQ’s after being modernized from the 1960’s – even the theme song is still the same, I think?

But, that’s not all – 2012, was a tough one for us best friends and writers, we both lost our dogs, a couple months apart or so, than, one of our childhood friends passed away before the dogs’ headed home to the “Rainbow Bridge.” As Garret says, “it was a tough one for us, dude.” He got that right. 2012, was indeed a tough one.

As we enter the ditto of leaving 2012, I’m hoping, 2013 looks better and optimistic in both the writing and blogging department on my end of the rope and the writing lugs on Garrett’s end across the pond in Maui – who knows what the world of 2013 will hold as the future of ‘13 comes ashore?

The wackiness between the two us two writers will likely enhance a collaboration of sorts? I know, I know, I can see him putting sand in my lunchbox and the kind words of, “Newt, you’re an idiot, but, I ain’t writing no chicka flick with you – you moron!” Well, selfishly, that wasn’t the greatest of ideas, but, it’s enough to get him laughing in the South Pacific and me quite farther, than, having him chase my lovely carcass with a spanking new Louisville slugger all over the Willamette Valley with my name engraved on it and personally signed by former Cincinnati Reds Third Baseman, Pete Rose. Ditto.

At least he has the laugh track from the states, while being port-side in the middle of the South Pacific – we’ll see how he fares from the islands and the South Pacific Atoll and the merited of friendships on the mainland. My Mother was asking me just this afternoon, while visiting her, “if his mother misses him,” has he now lives in Hawaii – Her memory is still fresh after all these years from Mine and Garrett’s childhood. It amazes me she still has it – “wow!”


Copyright @2012 Jeff Newton


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