Backlash and an “inch” short

It’s all over an “inch” and the power of Social media is at it again. A recent newspaper article about a posting on Subway’s Facebook page, supposedly wen “viral” the other day, after someone supposedly from Australia posted a photo on the company’s Facebook page, that their famous foot long sandwich was apparently an – “inch short,” to their liking.

Social media in today’s high tech gadget carrying world is so powerful, that information on the information superhighway can travel as fast as you can count in a matter of seconds, if not – in minutes. But, this particular story caught my attention as the power of technology is quite beneficial to those who sense to challenge the growing nature of corporate greed and the wicked who tend to degrade the American consumer and consumers around the world.

With the wicked and the power of those who dwell in a world where there’s just about every avenue to be covered in a “watchdog” like forum and more, social media is there to spread the vital word around the word – with such popularity of Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites, take the ultimate gamble and the power of the consumer to catch modern day corporate greed in the act, as they find ways to fall short and to make a profit among the un-suspecting consumer who rarely complains or feel scammed by the wickedness of greedy advertising of corporate powerhouses.

We often ask ourselves, “why the greed” in consumer frustration, rather, than corporate powerhouses being an honest sport, rather than a greedy “scrooge like” corporation that likes profit rather than customer loyalty and more.

Remember the old saying, “if the customer says it’s not right, they’re probably right to begin with.” In my earlier years of life, I spent an enormous amount of time in the restaurant business at various jobs and always had this policy with customers, “if they felt it wasn’t cooked right, they’re probably right and it needed to be done right” or the company loses the business of a loyal and repeat customer. Many businesses in today’s corporate world regardless of what type of business they are have a similar policy. Much like, “if the shoe don’t fit, it’s probably the wrong size.”

But, what happens, after an “expose” of their mistake take wind in the minds of social media? Of course, the power of going viral becomes unstoppable to the end. That’s exactly what happen with the Facebook posting of an 11 inch Subway sandwich posted by someone from Australia last week – the original photo was supposedly pulled from Facebook, not, by Subway, as posted in a published article by the Associated Press on Friday

With 19.8 million fans on Subway’s Facebook page, Subway’s Milford, Conn., office said, they did not pull the photo, which could make some sensible sense, but, suspicions tell me it was probably an “inside” deal from someone inside heart of Subway or the likes, that decided, it was best to “pull” the offending photo from their Facebook page in the likes of keeping it clean? “I’m still trying to figure out how a sandwich became an inch short?” “In fact, it never hit me in the head to question the size of my own favorite footlong sandwiches.”

So, what does ole’ Jared have to say about all this?

92 year old blogger, calls the shots early, pulls blog

  Imagine you just blogging right after a loved one passes away, than, “bam!” you get overwhelmed in the process. This is exactly what one blogger did last month, after his wife died. Living in the United Kingdom, near Hunwick, County Durham, England – George White, 92, pulled the live support system on his blog, "GreyCavalier" shortly after Christmas, according to a media report on

George’s story of his wife’s death spread rapidly across the internet and he became indebted with comments and more. At 92 years old, one could imagine getting a generous does of comments and more, as you start to blog about the loss of a loved one to an unknown audience that becomes a breeding ground for therapy and more.

It’s amazing how one man can make a difference in a time of grieve, agony and loss – it makes reminds me of my own loss, pain and suffering at the times, losing my own family members and loved one’s throughout the years of my life. If blogging had been around in the early 1980’s, I probably would’ve started writing and blogging back in my high school days. But, the internet was still new to some and blogging wasn’t yet – a household name, until the 1990’s of the late twentieth-century – in the minds of a writer, it makes simples sense, that blogging is a remedy for perfection and medicine, when one’s heart is roasted in grieve.

Comedy as the old days

  You sit. You wait. You wonder, when it will come? But, has to be here and you didn’t even know it – “You’re a damn fool, nimrod.” The cracker jacks of theories are probably right? “I’m a damn fool to think like the minds of those from Venus,” but, wait – “the great theories and laws of space, don’t muster up with the ancestor of great names and times of the late Sir Isaac Newton,” I flat out said, with the wicked tailors of scientific confusion.

I’m thinking? Venus Flytrap is merely corrupted as Dr. Johnny Fever stands by his “booger” of assortments between the Johnny the great and the of the Bee Gees and “Jive Talkin,” which would make Starfleet’s warp drive into space, look more topical like sausage and eggs from a Chamber of Commerce perspective in in the futuristic years of. However, I still don’t get it? Fever hasn’t been heard from in years since, he left the waves of radio – even though, He and Loni Anderson haven’t paired in years since the demise of their WKRP days in Cincinnati and the red sheets of sex at Playboy Mansion. 

But, the seven wonders of the world, don’t quite match up with the overhaul of the merit system. The ideology of American comedy in the good ole days of the 1970’s, like M*A*S*H, Maude, Barney Miller, Welcome Back Kotter, the Cosby Show and more bring the great minds of situation brought the satirical rules of comedy into households of American television – as the Vietnam was widening down, Nixon finally gave in to Watergate and resigned the Presidency to his than, Vice-President Gerald Ford.

Venus Flytrap and Dr. Johnny Fever brought their ideal worlds to American television viewers each week as comedy was becoming a household name, before Europe’s Victor Borge and Benny Hill ever became household names in American comedy. In today’s world, where the 1970’s have long gone and the twenty-first century seems to be an entirely different world for branded comedy by today’s television viewers around the world. Shows in the 1970’s that we shot and produced are now “classics” and those that sit in vaults or in syndication or re-runs on certain television networks across the country and abroad, since the birth of television in the 1950’s.

If I had a favorite and to choose from? I’d be lying to you, I had several, that were among my favorites over the years and are considered classics in my book of comedy shows. I still see them in re-runs from time to time or from the video collections of such television networks as HUB, TV Land and the sorts.

As a Writer myself, I’m left wondering if the rules of engagement of writing comedy by today’s standards, could bring new life into show’s that have been sitting in studio faults for years since their demise and cancellation from the morals of television?

  Anything is possible in the world television, it all lies in the hands of the top dogs of the various television networks and the heads of studios in New York and Los Angeles – Dr. Johnny Fever could still use some much needed air time in the waves of comedy and fictional satire of comedy. Venus Barfly on the other hand, still needs to find a way to avenge the competition between himself and Johnny Fever – it just isn’t the classical myth of radio DJ wars, it’s the satire of prime time television that made the wicked hour of comedy, that best remedy of on any given night of the week, regardless of what the late Archie Bunker thought of George Jefferson.

Fireside Chat–NY Newspaper screws up big time!

coffee2  There is a time for a great debate -  but, it’s not about politics. It’s about the release of sensitive information of Gun Permit owners information of those who choose to carry a Concealed Weapons or CCW on their person.

Last month, a White Plains, New York, Newspaper The Journal-News published an interactive map of gun permit owners in nearby Westchester and Rockland Counties. The release of the map set off a national firestorm in the United States about privacy and the endangerment of gun permit owners who’s lives may be credible danger because of the nature of sensitive information released on behalf of the Newspaper, critics say.

The newspaper claims “they knew” the interactive map would be controversial and more and decided it was pursuant to publish the names and addresses of gun permit holders to their readers, rather, than to heed the crucial words of the public not too – instead, they marched into controversy across the nation, sparking debates about gun legislation and possible bans on certain weapons, such as assault rifles made and imported from overseas and some made in the homeland of America.

The interactive map went viral as the firestorm, lit up Social Media sites across the internet in the wake of the Newspaper’s quest to put people in harms way and those who’s lives may or could be in danger because of the nature of the information released to the public.

Crime victims, especially Women, who carry armed weapons, literally had their address and locations of hiding revealed because of the public records release by the Journal-News unspeakable mistake.

In a retrospective, a counter attack was mountain in it’s wake as a response and counter-attack, a lawyer-turned-blogger took the merited steps onward and fought back against the newspaper in posting the names of Reporters and Editors of those who worked at Journal-News in White Plains, New York.

The rapidly fired counter-attack evidently landed him in the national spotlight on CNN.

Social Media watchdogs and national critics are crying foul ball in the newspapers efforts to fuel the debate even more with a possible release of more gun permit data to its circulation area, according to media and internet reports, I’ve been following.

What really ticks me off is that gun owners have a right to carry concealed and it opens a very dangerous predicament of ignorance and disregard by the publisher, reporters and editorial staff of this newspaper. But, in relevance – the names and addresses also brings a so-called Christmas gift or shoppers gift list for criminals and thieves looking to steal weapons and firearms to commit unspeakable crimes with an innocents gun holders weapon in the commission of a crime, such as a homicidal violence and more, police, gun owners and critics say.

It was also reported, that some of the names and addresses released also belonged to police officers, whom are sworn under oath to Protect and Serve the communities they live in, not just those who are innocently legal to carry on their person – a concealed weapon.

The fact is simple and evidently insane – the news media never publishes the names of victims who a victim of a crime unless it has the ability to compromise a criminal investigation and jeopardize the lives, of police and victims investigating the crime and more, including the seeking of revenge by those sentenced under the court of law and for the victims who testified and successfully help convict them for the crimes they’ve committed against them.

The damage may have already been done by the White Plains, NY., newspaper and the trust they have in their subscribers have in their reporting efforts have probably failed them on both sides of the isle. When it comes to such information and prudent to the lives of those who are at stake journalists, writers and photographers need to be on the extreme “what if” mode in the avoidance of a serious backlash from its owns readers and subscribers – if not, advertisers could pull their advertising dollars from their publication and sinking the Gannett Company owned newspaper into limbo, *if not* a quiet death and demise for it’s quality of disgrace to the pistol packing community of Concealed Weapon’s holders across the country.

In retro and public opinion – they should quit and cease publication all together for a generous and deadly mistake they made in the disclosure of such vital information, even though it was obtained through the “Freedom of Information Act or FOIA,” for their monetary gain and disgrace of those who legally carry CCW’s and those who are trying to hide and start a new life without harm and violence – such unselfish as this is journalism suicide in the eyes of those who dwell in the face of disgrace.


   Copyright © 2013 Jeffery Newton