Resolutions of a Writer, blogger

OLD-TYPEWRITER Well, it’s New Year’s Day 2013 – and the first new blog of the new year. Mighty – where has time gone? I’m still fritting, how we time travel each year and the problem? We keep adding a new year to the calendar of life, every 365 days! “Oh darling, you’ll never grow old,” I’m told. “Horseradish,” I tell myself, just to piss my brain off!

On the other hand, it’s probably a good idea to piss the brain off and make a little amends meet with a spec of sugarcoating, once in a while.

As we get into the year of 2013, there’s a lot planned on the my plate, nothing cheesy or organic – but, something worth trying on my efforts of being a Writer and blogger. Over the last few weeks or should a say, over the past few years, I’ve been mumbling with the grave indulgence of getting down to business and writing my book. I’ve yet to decide, if I’ll publish it directly via or through a publishing house? I’ll have to look for an agent, if I go that route? However, a fellow Writer told me, going through was the way to go, as it was much easier and faster than wrangling with a Publisher and Agent and the Writer has more control over their literary works.

In fact, I’m starting to see a lot of writers old and new, go that route to begin with and bypassing the agent-publishing house method, even though, it seems feasible and more money, when you go through a publisher and agent, which makes sense. But, for the causal writer who likes to churn out a book or two for the love of writing – than, that’s my bag of chips and salsa via “Hmm, Mom would tell me to lose weight there!” kindle-ebkicon

Writing my book, isn’t just one of the New Year’s resolutions in the works, I’ll continue to blog and work on other literary projects in-between writing “The Great American Novel.” Garrett will most likely race me to the alter with this one – if he, really, really thinks, about taking a “real” challenge, “hell, I’m starting to sound like late Pat McCormick from “Smokey and the Bandit,” offering the “Bandit” a real challenge to haul and run blocker for 400 cases of illegal COORS beer in record time! for $80,000,” sorry folk the OFFER is NOT REAL, so, get over it!

Since, this is a new year in the works, I still have 364 days to go, “before, I start bitching again and making another stupid new years resolution” – with that said, “I hope everyone is having a happy new year and enjoying the enlightment of starting 2013 on a sweet note with a vintage big band era music from the late the late Glen Miller, who disappeared over the English Channel in 1944 during World War II.


Copyright @ 2013 Jeff Newton

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