92 year old blogger, calls the shots early, pulls blog

  Imagine you just blogging right after a loved one passes away, than, “bam!” you get overwhelmed in the process. This is exactly what one WordPress.com blogger did last month, after his wife died. Living in the United Kingdom, near Hunwick, County Durham, England – George White, 92, pulled the live support system on his blog, "GreyCavalier" shortly after Christmas, according to a media report on mashable.com.

George’s story of his wife’s death spread rapidly across the internet and he became indebted with comments and more. At 92 years old, one could imagine getting a generous does of comments and more, as you start to blog about the loss of a loved one to an unknown audience that becomes a breeding ground for therapy and more.

It’s amazing how one man can make a difference in a time of grieve, agony and loss – it makes reminds me of my own loss, pain and suffering at the times, losing my own family members and loved one’s throughout the years of my life. If blogging had been around in the early 1980’s, I probably would’ve started writing and blogging back in my high school days. But, the internet was still new to some and blogging wasn’t yet – a household name, until the 1990’s of the late twentieth-century – in the minds of a writer, it makes simples sense, that blogging is a remedy for perfection and medicine, when one’s heart is roasted in grieve.

3 thoughts on “92 year old blogger, calls the shots early, pulls blog”

  1. This raises some interesting questions about the role of writing-as-therapy. Gone are the days when we were encouraged to write in a private journal things we shared with only our closest friends (if even that). I do think there is a danger in the pseudo-intimacy fostered by posting deep, dark secrets that would probably be better shared only with a loved one, counselor, or pastor. Having said this, here I am blogging and commenting on personal posts like a voyeur scribbling across the pages of someone’s not-locked diary.

    Thanks for the post.


  2. It does raise some questions about writing as therapy – much, like did when I wrote about my dogs passing, the best remedy and medicine was to right about it, even though, I kept hearing about the so-called, “Rainbow Bridge,” from friends and strangers alike – but, writing can bring the best of both worlds and for some grieve, sorrow, anger and even them passing and leaving a loved one behind, makes it just a little too much.

    That’s probably why, George went that route after his wife died over the holidays. Hopefully he will be back sometime in the near future and let us know how he’s doing?

    Thanks for the link and comments.

    — Jeff


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