Comedy as the old days

  You sit. You wait. You wonder, when it will come? But, has to be here and you didn’t even know it – “You’re a damn fool, nimrod.” The cracker jacks of theories are probably right? “I’m a damn fool to think like the minds of those from Venus,” but, wait – “the great theories and laws of space, don’t muster up with the ancestor of great names and times of the late Sir Isaac Newton,” I flat out said, with the wicked tailors of scientific confusion.

I’m thinking? Venus Flytrap is merely corrupted as Dr. Johnny Fever stands by his “booger” of assortments between the Johnny the great and the of the Bee Gees and “Jive Talkin,” which would make Starfleet’s warp drive into space, look more topical like sausage and eggs from a Chamber of Commerce perspective in in the futuristic years of. However, I still don’t get it? Fever hasn’t been heard from in years since, he left the waves of radio – even though, He and Loni Anderson haven’t paired in years since the demise of their WKRP days in Cincinnati and the red sheets of sex at Playboy Mansion. 

But, the seven wonders of the world, don’t quite match up with the overhaul of the merit system. The ideology of American comedy in the good ole days of the 1970’s, like M*A*S*H, Maude, Barney Miller, Welcome Back Kotter, the Cosby Show and more bring the great minds of situation brought the satirical rules of comedy into households of American television – as the Vietnam was widening down, Nixon finally gave in to Watergate and resigned the Presidency to his than, Vice-President Gerald Ford.

Venus Flytrap and Dr. Johnny Fever brought their ideal worlds to American television viewers each week as comedy was becoming a household name, before Europe’s Victor Borge and Benny Hill ever became household names in American comedy. In today’s world, where the 1970’s have long gone and the twenty-first century seems to be an entirely different world for branded comedy by today’s television viewers around the world. Shows in the 1970’s that we shot and produced are now “classics” and those that sit in vaults or in syndication or re-runs on certain television networks across the country and abroad, since the birth of television in the 1950’s.

If I had a favorite and to choose from? I’d be lying to you, I had several, that were among my favorites over the years and are considered classics in my book of comedy shows. I still see them in re-runs from time to time or from the video collections of such television networks as HUB, TV Land and the sorts.

As a Writer myself, I’m left wondering if the rules of engagement of writing comedy by today’s standards, could bring new life into show’s that have been sitting in studio faults for years since their demise and cancellation from the morals of television?

  Anything is possible in the world television, it all lies in the hands of the top dogs of the various television networks and the heads of studios in New York and Los Angeles – Dr. Johnny Fever could still use some much needed air time in the waves of comedy and fictional satire of comedy. Venus Barfly on the other hand, still needs to find a way to avenge the competition between himself and Johnny Fever – it just isn’t the classical myth of radio DJ wars, it’s the satire of prime time television that made the wicked hour of comedy, that best remedy of on any given night of the week, regardless of what the late Archie Bunker thought of George Jefferson.


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