Backlash and an “inch” short

It’s all over an “inch” and the power of Social media is at it again. A recent newspaper article about a posting on Subway’s Facebook page, supposedly wen “viral” the other day, after someone supposedly from Australia posted a photo on the company’s Facebook page, that their famous foot long sandwich was apparently an – “inch short,” to their liking.

Social media in today’s high tech gadget carrying world is so powerful, that information on the information superhighway can travel as fast as you can count in a matter of seconds, if not – in minutes. But, this particular story caught my attention as the power of technology is quite beneficial to those who sense to challenge the growing nature of corporate greed and the wicked who tend to degrade the American consumer and consumers around the world.

With the wicked and the power of those who dwell in a world where there’s just about every avenue to be covered in a “watchdog” like forum and more, social media is there to spread the vital word around the word – with such popularity of Twitter, YouTube and other social media sites, take the ultimate gamble and the power of the consumer to catch modern day corporate greed in the act, as they find ways to fall short and to make a profit among the un-suspecting consumer who rarely complains or feel scammed by the wickedness of greedy advertising of corporate powerhouses.

We often ask ourselves, “why the greed” in consumer frustration, rather, than corporate powerhouses being an honest sport, rather than a greedy “scrooge like” corporation that likes profit rather than customer loyalty and more.

Remember the old saying, “if the customer says it’s not right, they’re probably right to begin with.” In my earlier years of life, I spent an enormous amount of time in the restaurant business at various jobs and always had this policy with customers, “if they felt it wasn’t cooked right, they’re probably right and it needed to be done right” or the company loses the business of a loyal and repeat customer. Many businesses in today’s corporate world regardless of what type of business they are have a similar policy. Much like, “if the shoe don’t fit, it’s probably the wrong size.”

But, what happens, after an “expose” of their mistake take wind in the minds of social media? Of course, the power of going viral becomes unstoppable to the end. That’s exactly what happen with the Facebook posting of an 11 inch Subway sandwich posted by someone from Australia last week – the original photo was supposedly pulled from Facebook, not, by Subway, as posted in a published article by the Associated Press on Friday

With 19.8 million fans on Subway’s Facebook page, Subway’s Milford, Conn., office said, they did not pull the photo, which could make some sensible sense, but, suspicions tell me it was probably an “inside” deal from someone inside heart of Subway or the likes, that decided, it was best to “pull” the offending photo from their Facebook page in the likes of keeping it clean? “I’m still trying to figure out how a sandwich became an inch short?” “In fact, it never hit me in the head to question the size of my own favorite footlong sandwiches.”

So, what does ole’ Jared have to say about all this?

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