Meteor breaks Congressman into skeptic

APTOPIX Russia Meteorite With the recent Cosmic events in Russia and in the United States this last week, it has gotten a Texas Republican Congressman in Washington, D.C., wants to hold a Committee Hearing next week in the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology stating the media overblown the existence of the recent events in Russia over the Meteor Shower there.

Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas, feels he’s skeptical that meteors from space, “aren’t real” to his own mindset as well as those that have some serious doubts about the existence of such meteors in the universe.

In what could have been the most talked about story of the century, a meteor struck and impacted the earth as it streaked 46,000 miles per hour across the Russian sky last week, while another cosmic event was reported less than 24 hour to 48 hours later across the San Francisco Bay area.

In relevance to a cosmic event, skeptics believe meteors aren’t galactic events in the nature, but skeptical in their own mind. The question is? Why would a Texas Congress man want to waste millions of taxpayer dollars to a congressional hearing on such a fact he knows that is real – but, instead he decides to make the questions of his own mind, that the laws and realities of space isn’t a known fraction of life on the most intelligent planet in the solar system, where human life is sustained as we know it for centuries.

Senator Smith feels the media is “overblowing” the event into perceptions of fear and coincidence to world. NASA and scientist has for decades have said earth could someday endure another devastating and engaging hit from a much larger asteroid that could once again wipe out the extinction of human life as it did with the Dinosaurs.

Remember as a young kid, while moving my late grandmother into a new house not far from where my parents now live, we suddenly stepped outside to lock the house as we finished the move for the day and suddenly, we encountered a a very bright green meteor from the south streaking by with a sound of a “whoosh” you would normally hear in a Hollywood movie with a stinging soundtrack.

I wanted to follow it’s landing site and be the first to discover sight of its impact site and location. But, the recent events in Russia and San Francisco, brought back the memories of the vivid day when I had a chance encounter with a meteor passing through the night sky in Western Oregon in the 1980’s or thereabout.

Human life on earth has so many strange experiences, I thought this was one of them – even if the Starship Enterprise or the Battlestar Galactica showed up as friendly’s from another world, it would’ve been a chance encounter to the future of space travel with a colony of survivors seeking a new life in a newly formed planed called, “Earth-2.”

Perhaps, Senator Smith needs a chill pill in reality? The underlying truth of the “Dark Skies” hasn’t befallen on the world just yet. Has my mind remains skeptical of the Congressman and his efforts to conduct a Senate hearing on such a topic, I’m still waiting for E.T. to warn us of the pending massive strike from a dangerous asteroid that could once again spell the truth of extinction of the human race on that has sustained rigors of human life for many centuries and more.

Like I said, I ain’t as skeptic as the Congressman, he just needs a “chill pill” to face the harsh realities of Science once again.