Scully and Mudler? Really?

What is it with modern technology these days? Last month, the episodic drama took over my life and sent me back to “the stone age”, literally, once again. I usually work with one or two laptops as a writer and blogger, one laptop is a Dell Mini Inspiron, the other a full sized HP Pavilion – ultimately, the HP went on an unexpected vacation seriously crashing the hard drive and motherboard in the process. Meanwhile, the Dell Mini decided to follow suit as well, this time, the power cord decided not to charge the battery or even hold the power in keeping the dell charged and working off the power cord at the same time, so, belly up number two takes place!

“Damn Simon,” I’m thinking – why can’t everything go easily for me during the month of March? Well, Karma decides to give out, an “early April fools” in the month of March, instead of April! So, back to the stone age and for the next few weeks, I’m stuck with a WordPress Mobile App on my Smartphone, a composition book, two pens and three pencils later, I finally get the “big break”, a new Sony Vaio with a viper hard drive installed with 160 GB and 140 GB of RAM all stuffed into a 15.5 in screen workhorse built to last like the Jaws of Life.

So far, the Sony has lived up to the hype as a writer and bloggers workhorse for the price and the money that was paid on the lapper tap, it gets the job done and gets me back to work! Being in the Stone Age, was crazy and old school – it drove me to the brink of the brink of the Twilight Zone and close to the “X-Files”, Agent’s Mudler and Scully would’ve known, it was only an alien waltz across the stage as Lawrence Welk the fine tunes of his heyday in the 1960’s and beyond.