Writing in your sleep

computer Can you imagine – your actually writing in your sleep? When we have dreams, you wake up from the most indecent coincidence of all time, we actually remember what happen and sometimes we actually remember where as later in life the reality of the dream actually comes true in a way or two depending on how you take the dream as bait and reality in life.

“I’ll tell ya, my cat naps offer just that”, as I tell folks from time to time. It often offers me inspiration later in life, when the reality of the dream actually comes alive in reality. I remember back in junior high school, I had a dream several weeks before, while walking out of the lunch room, the picture came into focus and I had realized I was there – shocked and stone faced, reality, the twilight zone, the x-files, all came into play for a reason – as Agent Mudler and Scully would say, “the truth is out there, you just need to find it’, they say.

Skeptics are skeptics, but, those who believe in the realm and the reality – it’s really and plug and play ploy in the reality of time travel and the paranormal as we know it. Many may not, but for those who have experienced it, the unknown is the gossip toll road to reality.

But, for writers who seek to inspire their creativity in writing, this is the place to be, your dreams are sometimes your spring board and love position 9 to the carnal knowledge of writing and blogging – inspire, seek and explorer those dreams for ideas if and when possible. But, it’s important not to forget that most important of all your notes.

Your notes are the “bible” to the story, collect those thoughts, put them in notes and work your imagination and inspiring minds to the likes of your characters and watch the story come alive as you go along. Speaking of the “bible” of notes, you can get these dirty cheap from the Dollar Store or the Dollar Tree in those black and white Composition Books for a $1 or at Staples for $2, i.e., you’d get a good supply of ten books for the price of a dollar, than five books for the price of $10 at Staples.

Writing in your sleep is either a tale or it’s a ploy to get your creative side jump started into high gear with inspiring tales, take your pick and write well, rather you blog or write or both, its all about the process of being a Writer and growing old with fresh tales from the Twilight Zone.