The art of treasure hunting with Castle and KB

You thought this blog post was about “diggers and treasure hunting, right?” – wrong, try again, Simon. The idea behind the idea of “treasure hunting” was to look at ways, writers and bloggers alike look to do their “detective work” in researching for their blog posts and other writing projects, they snuggle up to work and write for their target audiences and more.

Cranky as it can be, writing is therapeutic to say, for others, its an art to pen, search and inform to one’s vast knowledge of inspiring the treasure trove of knowledge on the given subject. Simple case, simple knowledge is all it takes to write and blog on any given subject, “simple as a grain of salt,” I say.

There are simple tools of the trade in the bloggers treasure chest. Incidently, I really don’t need a big tall pirate ship that cruises the high seas in search for gold and sliver from innocent ships and trying to evade capture of maritime pirates and their loot, i.e., “Captain Blackbeard” and his hidden gold and booty still hidden somewhere on the Orcacoke Island Inlet of North Carolina coast (“really? – I don’t know if this is true or not? One can never know!”), unless ole “Captain Morgan” beat my cranky ole western Oregon ass to the booty and the loot! “Damn…,” Morgan is good, I’m thinking?”

So much for my invasive luck at ever obtaining a share of Blackbeard’s loot and the dirty booty he left behind, which may never be seen in the eyes of the ole yonder.

I would rather write about the missing loot and booty – but, when it comes to the fate and the silver lining of Rick Castle and Detective Kate Beckett and squad, the silver lining of 100 episodes and cases worked between Castle and KB, theirs a special meaning to it between the chemistry of the two characters of ABC’s hit drama series, “CASTLE.”

Monday night’s episode “The Lives Of Other’s” opened with the 100th episode of the hit series to a strong following on a day, when April Fool’s just happen to be on the same day, as the series started with the first day of the month. Cleverly produced by series creator Andrew Marlowe and crew, Castle had a perfect attendance record, while in the strut it out of an “April Fools joke,” which was evidently produced and staged by his beloving mother directing behind the scenes of an entire assemble of cast members in a “mock-up” of suspense, murder and whodunit, while Castle is nursing a broken leg from a recent ski trip.

The 100th milestone of the series has come a lone way since, it premiered in March 2009 on ABC and has proven to be a viable concept and vehicle for the television network – with four novels now published and one to be released later this fall by Hyperion Books, Castle’s books are still a fan favorite and still topping off the New York Best Sellers List in both book form and ebooks versions of his novels – as the crime fighting duo of Kate Beckett and Richard Castle continue to work the magic wonders in the lives of those who work the 12th Precinct and the squad of detectives in Homicide, Castle will continue to be a rolling and power vehicle and police procedural drama series for ABC as long as the stories keep coming and the network continues to renew the series each season, Castle and the crew behind the show will likely have continued success in the season ahead of them.

It’s only been 100 Episodes and it’s now 2013, it all began in 2009 as a mid season replacement, four years, 100 episodes and four books later, the series is still surviving with fresh stories each week on ABC – Hopefully, the network will keep the show on the air until it run low on vehicle and star power, which I don’t see going away anytime soon.

It’s too good to leave behind on Monday nights – Cheer’s and Sam Malone were the only exceptions on all those Thursday nights in downtown Boston.