The jesty of java blogging

coffee2_thumb.jpgCoffee shop blogging brings out the best of both worlds, when it comes to blogging and writing – literally. It’s so simple and easy, it actually gets me away from the home office and the crickets of zesty neighbors who call the daily shots of a wayward tyke and kid’s running rampant in the neighborhood on a daily basis as they feast on their summer vacation plans until September.

Not the almighty, but the adamant. It drives me crazy, that, I run a strange ship from cyberspace, holy cow Batman, where has the bat cave gone in the mist of the universe? Holy Toledo, has Bruce Wayne and Gotham City gone banana’s? Perhaps, it’s only a temporary ploy to the derailment of time travel?

“Time travel,” you say? Hmm, where could one’s wicked mind lead the elusive starship throughout the great planets of the universe? Nadda – “Men were from Mars,” I’m told sarcastically as the Earth continues to propel its journey through speed of light and the creations of time. The universe is a simple matter and we are simple alien beef of truth on Earth.

It only rattles my thought of human life, which is still simple and martian, but not as hard as one could possibly think since birth universe and the federation of planets – even though, life at the pee wee ages were still a spiritual magnet of life until one had reached the cadence of paradise in the far reaches of heaven. Maybe that’s why, I’m still a cranky horses ass, as I near the last couple years of my forties this weekend and begin the second half of life, once I reach fifty, some two years later in 2015?

Is this the gossip of life or is it the thrill of a lifetime that wrecks havoc on my insecurity of adulthood?

The cute lady behind the counter probably thinks so? She’s been poppin’ java cracks, while I sit staring into the twilight madness of the NBA Finals between San Antonio and Miami Heat – sheesh, they don’t play tonight, crap! “Oh lordy, it’s tasty as bubble gum and there’s no such thing as a free snow cone on Mars!”


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