Merry Christmas to all

EDITORS NOTE: This blog was originally written and was to be posted on Christmas Day, however, the holidays have since taken me “hostage” at getting my annual holiday piece posted to the blog – hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas and looking forward to a prosperous New Year in 2014. — Jeff


Well today is the day – Christmas. One of those magical times of the year that brings a wealth of joy and happiness to many.

But, for others, the joy of Christmas is a shallow reminder of the precious things we endure in life – family, friends, work and the magical memories of Christmas – “the simple things in life,” has they say, “where your likely to find the magic of Christmas?”

Lives change for a reason. The challenge of one’s heart to believe in the magic of Christmas, the spirit of giving – Christmas is not only for those who believe, but for those seeking to find the solitude of balance to a given heart what they call, “the most magical time of the year.”

Skeptics have reminded me, that Christmas has been precious enough to mean different things to different walks of life. It’s simple – you have trust in faith, God and more, it spells the meaning of Christmas to one’s heart. The Spirit of Christmas is far more superior than the power of magic, it’s belief we have in not only Jesus, but that of Santa Clause himself and the magical joy he has brought forth for centuries and decades before us in today’s present life and for generations.

This Christmas, I’m blessed that my folks are still here, my life is still going and shattering away at a pick to decide what life is really about – not exactly a mid-life crisis, but a tinderbox of sort, that evidently falls short of a firestorm.

Xmas treeTo me alone, it’s like a step a day with a chapter or two written a day, other than what is carved and written in snow. I feel lucky to have friends from my childhood still around for a friendship or two that lasted for decades from preschool to high school to college and to the adult world of being an adult in our own ways and words.

We may have changed the years, but it doesn’t mean were apart – it just means that the love and friendship is still there, the simplicity of life is just to renew the friendship from the first meeting that comes along at the first opportunity.

It’s power, friendship and galactic that one’s spirit can believe in Christmas to make it the magical time of the year and still find the heart and joy to enjoy the comfort of relatives, friends and co-workers.

In my own mind – that’s exactly what it is, simple steps with simple chapters of life1897 Yes virgina there is a Santa Claus written as they are to be written with one’s faith and belief in the jolly St. Nicholas, who became known as Santa Claus in the eyes and mind of a precious eight year old girl named Virgina who wrote a letter to the editor of a local newspaper in 1897 asking about Santa Claus and the likes – the clipping from 1897, says it all and right to the point with the true meaning of the ole jolly himself.

It’s my wish that everyone has a safe Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year in 2014.


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