Last Day of 2013!

OLD-TYPEWRITER_thumb.png When it comes to being the last day of the year, you wonder where it has gone, 365 days earlier? In just a few tad hours, 2013 will be no more – than, it’s hello, 2014.

Interesting enough, I wonder what 2014 will bring for the next 366 days from now? With dreams and records and accomplishments from 2013 never achieved can be tried and trued once again in 2014, rather it’s hitting the jackpot or winning the lottery, an accomplishment is to be made of some sorts along the way.

With New Year’s resolutions in the works, I’m often asked, “what do you plan on making the new year as an accomplishment or a milestone?” As I blog and think, I’m often left with no recourse, but to consider the longest list I’ve drummed up over the years in the history of resolutions. As my answer is given tirelessly and nicely, it is said, “I’m going to follow the same path that I’ve been following for more than thirty years or until I hit the lottery or the literary jackpot of a lifetime.”

It’s that simple – just to write, blog, publish and speak a voice that others can enjoy and connect with as an establishment of literally favorites is all that is planned for 2014, plus a few other major projects that may be in the words as well? 

In closing – I hope everyone has a great new year and safe holiday weekend!

Later in January, I’m hoping (dunno yet?) if I’ll be able to cover my first major blog reporting event life from a traveling Wizard Comic Con Convention that is to make an appearance in Portland, Oregon, in late January – hoping to make this a feature story or into something nicely written and produced on video or the likes, may end up being put up on my YouTube Channel or something? But with the possibilities – anything is possible. Perhaps, I may just put myself into the void, “where boldly no man has ever gone before,” as Captain James T. Kirk would say in his starfleet logs.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe holiday weekend and prosperous New Year in 2014 – We’ll see you next year! 


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