New feature series coming soon

blog pix 1Happy Spring folks! Hope everyone is enjoying their Spring in the North America and the Fall in Central and South America and both ponds of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans north

I’m pretty sure everyone has been wondering where I’ve been since my last post back in January, right?

I know, I know a lot of followers and subscribers often wonder where the writer’s go into hiding as the bears hibernate during the winter months before spring feeding season actually begins. I’ve actually been working behind the scenes and penning some new blog articles to be published to toward the end of the month.

So, here are some bragging rights to consider – I’ve been working on a new feature series that will include something in the works of travel and history perseverance and the likes or thereabouts. I’m hoping to have the first series out by the end of the month, it’s likely going to be a two-part series, you’ll also like start seeing some videos also being posted that will tend to get my interest and yours, I’m still learning on how to make the wordpress tools for me in the long run, as I’m also still using my “BlogDesk” client as well to hammer out my blog articles as well versus wordpress online tools.

Stay safe, warm dry and enjoy the spring – one other thing before closing, I need some advice on the length some of my fellow bloggers would go before cutting an article into one or two parts or even into a series, as one of the blog articles I’m currently working is likely to fetch almost 5,000 characters – so, what and where should a good number break it down into a two-parts or even a series?

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