Writer seeks new approach to working

blog pix3I’ve been thinking of taking my work on the road – someplace where I can actually have an office away from home, something more energized, no, not the pink energized bunny in the battery commercials.

Something where I can do some interaction with like minded folks who dwell in the capacity and more. In fact, I was actually thinking of “coworking” my work in a coworking office type environment away from my home office. Evidently, I’ve been giving it some serious thought for the last couple of weeks, since it was brought up to my attention from a friend of mind who was looking into the same thing, coworking together in a shared office space.

EugenePublicLibraryHas downtown Eugene began to rebuilt it’s downtown core, new office space has gone up, including housing. Lane Community College build a new campus and student housing center across from the Eugene Public Library and the Lane Transit District’s bus station across the street – making it an attractive bargin for students going to LCC’s downtown campus and living in the heart of the city.

lanedtcWith new life being resurrected into the heart of downtown, it’s not only making it more attractive for students, but also for those who have office and retail shops in the downtown center.

With the reopening of Willamette Street, Broadway (9th Street in the early days of Eugene) and Olive Street to Charnelton streets, between between Broadway and Olive.

The living and working downtown makes it more convenient to pursue from one’s home office to one’s “Coworking” office in an environment with with like minded people and companies.

Broadway and Willamette with fountain

Beefy or not – it seems like an option to explorer and pursue in the long run. Nothing runs thicker than one’s blood of sharing an office with a buddy, stranger or friend, but everyone is there for a reason – to work with one another and share compatible ideas and work ethics with each other’s business.

Code Chops, which is located at 44 West Broadway in downtown Eugene in the new Eugene Commerce Building above street level on the second floor of what used to be the old Centre Court Building in the 1960’s and ’70’s went under a turn of the century remolding binge has developers modernized the building to code and to workable office space.

CodeChops loft Brdwy-Kesey SQ

Overlooking the Kesey Square across the street, their picturesqu windows gives away vast amounts of light to those who seek to enjoy a cup of coffee in their lounge, according to their website, their open to all levels of start-ups looking to have office space away from home.

A public transportation bus ride from my home office in West Eugene to downtown Eugene is only fifteen to twenty minutes depending on the time of day and day of the week, compared to weekends.

Coworking may sound like a good idea to some looking to share office space, but they are spendy especially, if you want a private office to begin with compared to just starting up with a monthly membership for a desk, rather than an office itself – which can always come sometime later down the road.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube videos of Coworking sites and venues around the country – if you looking explorer the idea of jumping into the coworking bandwagon, it might be a good time to check out the local digs if your community has one. I found a few that I liked around the country, including cities that I normally visit or have family and friends, such as Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

There’s always an office away from home when you need one – You just have to find one that suits well and provides the benefits you need away from home. Coworking looks promising in my own mind, but I still need to look into and vice versa if it’s the right thing for me away from the home office.




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