Midlife crisis at 49 – Maybe?

blog pix4 Every day and night, when I sit at my desk, I stare are my computer screen trying to think of a written blog piece to pen on my for my readers. I once said, “that my blog was my own column,” – it realistically seems that way in reality.

In my own mind, its not that simple to the things in life that seems impossible to write about? Literally, it’s life itself – something that brings the story to life, but it’s not always the course, a Writer’s life is mirrored with his or her own life in middle, a life crisis of sorts to say.

When I was in college, six years after graduating from high school, I had dreams of writing or reporting as a career in journalism, two years under my belt and tons of published pieces from my college rag – friends and classmates gave the high fives and the rave reviews of a job well done on each week’s published piece.

With only 12 blog written this year alone, my time at the computer seems to have been wasted on an empty meter. As search for the perfect piece to write and publish, life’s hacks must must take a backseat and clear the wind has your mind drives down the super highway looking for brag to write, pen and publish – it’s neither simple or easy, it’s all in a days work at the office, each and every day.

As I near my middle ages of life with one year shy of reaching my half century mark – I often wonder, if I’d ever see that book tour or book adaption to screen or one’s own original television series written for all to read and see as the story comes to life in a range of mediums.

Somewhere in my middle ages of life, I feel the meter life is spiraling out of control to a mid-life crisis?

As I come to think of it, “ABC TV’s” Richard Castle is about to marry the love of his life, Kate Beckett – but the plot tickin’s until the Fall television season when castle-hunt-videos-nathan-fillion-james-brolin-abc fan’s of the most talked about television show on television find out, if their hero Richard Castle survived the threat’s of life before waltzing down the alter with Detective Kate Beckett in his arms as the Season Finale left a surprising cliffhanger in the lurks of fans wonder who was behind crop of events against Castle.

If your a fan of the show – you’re likely a true die hard fan of television and Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. In my own mind as a writer, I seriously think Rick’s escape was a twist of fate has his clainstine father played by James Brolin is never far from his Son. Remember this hasn’t been written in concrete, I’m just guessing a scenario that could possibly crop into the script for next season – ultimately, writers like to think like writers – how clanstine is that, even though your not one of them writing the script – but, you think like one!

But, what does this have to do with Richard Castle and Kate Beckett? Nothing, just a tad comparison between the likes of Jason Bourne and the late novelist, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan in place of my so-called wreckage of a mid-life crisis.

Truly enough it seems writing life is a mid-life crisis of it’s own, my own life is just a tad shy of being fifty – Maybe, I’m watching to much of Rick Dancer TV? Perhaps, Rick and Emma could be some help? Even though, Rick is known to “kill” his enemy on camera who thought he was “dead” from television making after years in the news business as an anchor and reporter.

Well, time to go catch up with Rick and Emma, as they play hokey at Emma’s work at KNRQ radio while taping for Rick show to air on Sunday on KEVU in Eugene. www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFI3dsoGSTc&list=UU1XLKsOLiPMLIcOF0vEjOLw&feature=share

Perhaps, my life is just a good as a manual typewriter with an ugly ribbon and carbon fiber keys, that makes Billy the Kid sing the theme song of “Bonanza,” while riding into the twilight sunset of the Ponderosa.

Ironically, I wasn’t that far into comparison, even though Oscar Madison and Felix Unger of the “Odd Couple” are likely still dueling it out in the heart of New York City? Purely, something doesn’t feel right to begin with, nothing of one’s pure joy or one’s crazy encounter with the crazy idiot on the nearest street corner tries to make a dime or two at street vending – the comparison is hard to diagnose as you near fifty years of life.

Sometimes, I just can’t piece together the words to the story and the likes of a crisis – instead, it just creates the likes of insane drama with tumble weeds running wild among the likes across an Arizona ghost town that has gone dark for centuries or even for generations. It’s more like a metaphor to the likes? But why? – as one would ask, no one really knows the answer to one’s mid-life crisis and why it gets triggered in strange ways and at strange times of life.

Perhaps, I’m already at Chapter Two without knowing it? I could be slightly off in my own predictions by a slight cricket? Who knows? Maybe, I’m just in the mist with questions of life? Cowardly enough – it feels that way, not just with the 70th Anniversary of D-Day in Allied Invasion of Normandy taking place on the otherside of the pond in Europe as World War Two vets celebrate the liberation of the German Army Hitler once held came to a crumple and fatal fall from grace.

2014 spedometerMy days are likely coming as I near the age of 50, but it looks like the mid-life crisis either will be short lived or long lived, depending on how the mood swings of one’s crazy life runs its course.

Selective or not, it wasn’t a Martian Invasion, but perhaps a galactic version of Universal Solider from a distant planet? Just when you thought it was safe enough to escape, all hell breaks lose and your in crisis mode. Sigh…!

To be continued in 2015.

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