The rant of interruption!


When you try to talk, speak and have a decent conversation with someone, you literally get blown out of the water by a member of the opposite sex!

Yes, I said – “the opposite sex!” No, it doesn’t have anything to do with a girlfriend, wife, mistress or candid secret lover’s quarrel or the pink glad lady at the Bunny Ranch outside of Las Vegas, either!

It has something to do with neighbors – yes, neighbors! You see, I have this one neighbor who thinks she has all these canny weird things going on her head, especially when the topic of discussion comes up over wireless frequencies and radio waves and the likes.

What’s even stranger than fiction – it’s pure soapbox in my opinion!

We all know in this day and gadget savy world, we can’t live without our beloved Smart phone, Laptop computer, Television and anything that has an antenna built to the set or that can put on manually by hand.

Gadget or not – the tech savy duet of life tells us, we can’t live without them, right? Without them, we’re practically back to the stone age and the land of wireless telegraph offices of the ol’ west during the 19th Century – think the late 1800’s in the old west, where telegraph offices ruled the engagement of communication between one place to another and private messages from one person to another, while the Pony Express still made it’s annual treks across the country to deliver mail and more.

The neighbor in question thinks “RF” or radio frequencies are killing us and taking the emotional toll on our bodies and more. I refuse to believe her topic of discussion on the topic. She’s no carrying gadget savy neighbor, she don’t even believe in the cellphone or wireless technology.

Bahumbug or not, it’s tragic and disrespectful to get interrupted by another neighbor as you try to explain to her the path of choice she should take to make a “Voice” to be heard about her disgrace for the likes of today tech clad bearing world and more.

Three strikes before even trying to finish my gala of talk of suggestions and all – I literally threw in the towel and vowed never to give her advice again!


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