Down memory lane: Class reunion!

Churchill yearbook 2It has been thirty-three years since the day I started high school. It has been thirty years since the day, me and my classmates graduated from high school.

The year was 1984 – it was the last of the best days of our lives of the 20th Century has we walked into the future toward the 21st Century.

Never did many of us think, we would be coming back to our hometown where life actually began and started, as many of us growing up together, 12 years of public school, four years of college for some and life for other’s who choose to forego college to explore life or join the military for a career that would take them around the world at government expense, but for others, life was different after leaving the “Lancer Dome,” after graduation.

This weekend, many of us return home for our thirty-year class reunion. A thirty year reunion bash that is likely to go down as one of the greatest reunions in the history of our graduating class since, the final days of lives as Lancers led us to adult lives and beyond.

In my own dreams, I never thought. I’d be around to see the thirty year reunion or more? I was ditzy and skeptical, when I started becoming an inquiring mind about the twenty year reunion, ten years ago. Amazing things have happen since, I’ve renewed friendship with those I’ve known since childhood and those I never thought, I would be friends with in my adult life, which seems to bear fruit on the on the various trees across the Pacific Northwest – but, it was the greatest gift I could give to myself as to knowing, I’m still lifelong friends with many of those whom I’ve known for the ages and years that I can remember.

Incredibly done and generously planned and executed – the Winston Churchill Class of ’84 has become a tight-knit family of close friends, something many of us would never see in our lifetime, including those whom have passed before us.

Friends, who were once friends, their lives ended tragically or naturally, but our love and passions of friendship with them will remain with them forever as long as we remember them through our hearts, love, mind and spirit, they’ll never be forgotten.

I’m excited to see those whom have never been to any of our class reunions in the thirty years since graduation, Something that would make the first time reunion attendee a nervous wreck of thought – I remember, I was one of those nervous wrecks back during the twenty-year reunion, every since that reunion, I’ve gone back to each reunion and seen the friends I’ve known for years and do some weekend catching up and more.

With a graduating class of 300 plus, nearly a third of them are actually coming back for the reunion this weekend with their spouses and families or just the husband and wives enjoying a weekend getaway from the kids, work and all. An enjoyable weekend with some renewed friendships in the works and some surprises along the way – the “Lancer Class of ’84” should go down as the best in history of our class reunion memories, how it turns out after the weekend, I’ll likely live to tell about it to my readers and fans of this blog.

Wish me luck, it’ll be fun, dandy and awesome!


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