30 year reunion brings the best of all

30 year reunion #4I couldn’t imagine not going to my thirty year class reunion this weekend. It brought a lot of joys and silent tears that never before made me so overwhelmed to be with a great group of friends – some, I’ve known since childhood, some I’ve known throughout my scholastic career of twelve years to my high graduation in 1984 and some for life.

The best part of it was sharing the memories, the hugs, handshakes and the arts and craft of catching up with one another, since we all walked out of the “Lancer Dome,” at Winston Churchill High School on warm spring evening in June 1984, as we prepared to start our lives as adults into the late twentieth century and into the early stages of the twenty-first century and beyond.

Lancer Rock!Many of us have been friends longer than we can remember, while many of them have been perfect couples with their high school sweethearts every since.

It felt like the right place to be, as some have been married for more than 25 years or longer or near there and some nearing twenty years in the making since graduation.

A bright and powerful reunion, brought many from all walks of life from various parts of the country or even the world, we all came together as a whole – more than a 100 of us, along with spouses, girlfriends, husbands or just our merrier self with the spouses left behind to let a parent enjoy their time with friends for a change of pace and a life of reconnecting. Even those of us that have been best friends, even came to the reunion as well.

I know my buddy Kevin Stacy had a blast as this was his very first reunion in thirty years since graduation. From the moment Kevin and I walked through the door on Friday night, the fireworks lit off a firestorm for many, who haven’t seen our beloved best friend and favorite Lancer drummer in what looked like yesterday transformed into a different reality thirty years later at his first and my third reunion. Kevin was completely blown away as the reunion unfolded in front of him!

30 year reunion #4Has this was Kevin’s first reunion and my third, this photo at left was taken of us by another of our classmates from the reunion that justifies the dent Kevin made in making reunion history! An epic shot of a lifetime, that we both could not only cherish, but can also remember for many years to come, as best friends and high school buddies – this probably goes down as the epic of reunions to say.

In fact these four handsome guys you see in this picture, have known each other since the third grade – yes, you heard me right, the third grade! Amazing! I dunno what I’m more amazed about the third grade figure or the entire lifespan of our friendship every since the 1970’s! I’m totally, but literally blown by the new found knowledge! Wow…!

Amazed and surprised at how many he hadn’t kept in touch with since high school and college, he literally made a dent in the lives he saw this past weekend and his first reunion. “It was joy and it was fun,” I couldn’t have said it any better than that – with a graduating class over 300 in attendance on graduation day, more then 100 of those graduates returned for their 30 year reunion, some for the first time and for other’s, many have been keeping in touch and attending each and every reunion there as been within the Winston Churchill Class of 84.

30 year class reunion #4

Over the last 30 years, we’ve rejoiced the memories of those that have left us behind and couldn’t make the journey to join us for our 30th anniversary reunion – but, we shall never forget their memory of the love and friendship they provided us during the time we spent with them before they passed on.

13 fellow students have passed away since the day we all graduated – I’m so grateful, that I was friends with me of them and their friendships and love would be missed until we see one another an another time and place.

30 year reunion #6Finally as the reunion came to a close on Saturday night we all gathered for the class picture as we have in the years we’ve been through each reunion year – I’m hoping by the time the 35 or 40 year reunion rolls around we’ll even be bigger! Hopefully?

Special thanks!

A special thanks goes to the awesome planning team of Kim Edlund Allworth and Michele Horseman-Biernat, your dedication and hard work paid off handsomely in bringing back so many of us that have renewed some faithful friendships after thirty years since the walk down the isle at the Lancer Dome in June 1984 – even though it was my kickstarter idea (if) were going to have another big year reunion, the girls jumped the gun and started the planning and all, the rest is history as it took like two years to plan such an event of this magnitude for our class, I’ve heard the rumors among other classes on how we do it? Well there’s a little secret, “we can tell you, but we’ll have to kill you, if we tell you our secret,” it all begins with an idea and some awesome planning – it’s just that simple.

Has I said before, “I’m blessed to be friends with many of them today,” as I was back thirty years ago in 1984 and the memories will last a lifetime, not only just mine, but that of others. I look to the many more reunions in the works in the years to come.  Michele and Kim, Jack, Amy and Gary, thanks for the memories and the extravaganza of a well played out reunion, it was awesome – love you all! And thanks to those whom pitched in to help as they couldn’t be there, but helped sponsor the event as we needed, you folks were awesome, we thank you for your generosity, kindness, love and continuous friendship!


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