The tale of ideas into one’s thinking mind

old typewriterWhen it comes time to think about writing your next blog, your next product review or even your next YouTube Channel video, you need to start with an idea or a slew of ideas that would keep you abreast with writing and video work for a good deal of time or at least until you hit a snag and an insane case of writers block.

Writing is a comprehensive business with fierce competition in just about every market you look to pen your work into a fist full of dollars and a sensible following from your readers and followers.

These past few few weeks, I’ve been planning my own war chest for the remaining months of 2014 and some ideas to pen in 2015, that is likely to take my work on the road and published with a local online publication and vise versa with some video on my YouTube Channel as well – planning my war chest is still largely in the works as 2014 simmers down into a closing in the next few months, writing would likely be the top candidate of work for the rest of 2014? If I’m luckly, I may start adding some video to my YouTube channel along the way.

It always starts with an idea, which could be an experience, story or something that suits your billing that your readers and “YT” viewers might be interested in watching and reading as you continue to grow as a writer and YouTube producer – “practice makes perfect as they say,” building your war chest can fill the voids when the rainy days hits the can, you can always pull up your war chest and check out the treasure trove of ideas that could get you working on your laptop or notepad before the chills of your fingers start the actual writing process and more.


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