Defiant – but at odds with politics

Kaci Hickox, 33, with boyfriend during recent press conference on her condition.

If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ve probably already know about the political fallout that America is having with the fears of Ebola – with the midterm elections just around the corner, political candidates are crying foul ball over the left field with the recent Ebola scare and Nurse Kaci Hickox, who was recently released from the hospital showing no avid signs of Ebola – instead, New Jersey Governor Chris Christine decides to play hardball and throw some maneuvered punches of keeping locked up in quarantine for 21 days, instead he shoves her off to the state of Maine, to enhance the problem even further.

Defiant and embattled and cleared of Ebola by her doctors, Hickox is ultimately, becoming a political pawn at the expense of political pundits and those whom are re-elective candidates seeking to be re-elected to office at the expense of taxpayers and their campaign supporters and more. However, it’s a dangerous move and a dangerous precedence to those seeking to re-elect their favorite candidate back to office for another raging term of political power, adversary and jumbo gumbo of of broken political promises at the expense of taxpayers.

Testing negative for Ebola, the fight between one’s right to have a normal life and a peaceful tirade of happiness, which seems to be marred by the political futures of those seeking to keep their lives and dreams alive in the offices they now inhibit has political and public figures, America waits in suspense are it’s own government defy’s the playing field of medical science and their own political futures as self-contained magnets to scare American’s into thinking – Ebola is epidemic in America.

So, the question is,  why are American political figures so empowered to be quick and drawn to drum up conclusions before getting all the facts, points and figures before making such political satire of their own careers to make their gains and pains to mend their fences with lies and prejudices in making legal and private matters worse for all?

In what marks the political game of chicken versus reality, the disease is real, the political game of politics is dangerously seeded as political amends to secure political funds to one’s growing “war chest” to unseat their opponents from taking over their political stance as a public figure.

Dangerously driven as elections near the voters will likely have a say in their political futures of the candidates at least to say. Ebola is the weapon of choice to regain their numbers at the pools – in addition, it’s the wrong vehicle and the wrong tool to use as political figure, when it comes to politics and science of medicine.


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